Liberals: Are liberals for change, or against it?

I mean sometimes it seems that some liberals are very resistant to change their minds about anything. Don’t get me wrong, conservatives can be the same way. But is it not hypocritical to ask conservatives to change and help you all out, when you are unwilling to do so for us conservatives. I am not asking you to become a conservative or to change your mind or anything like that. I want you to help me understand what it is like and why you believe what you believe. If you think all conservatives are evil tell me why. I just want to know why certain members of the liberal party seem like such big hypocrites. For instance may liberals preach love and tolerance of gays and other minorities, but then bash people who’s opinions differ from their own. I understand that these are the actions of select few individuals and not everyone. I also understand that conservatives do the same thing. I just want you to help me understand why you believe what you believe. Conservatives out there feel free to answer to I just want to know.
One more thing I’m going to say is that I am a far right wing conservative, and I am totally in favour of helping the less fortunate and gay marriage, and fixing the economy. I just think that there are better ways to go about doing it. (well you can really only solve the gay marriage problem one way (by legalizing it), but the other two). Thank you.

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I COMPLETELY see where you’re coming from. There are really no &quot:characteristics&quot: of a liberal or conservative, as no one is really 100% either way. Everyone has their own ideals– some fit the conservative mold, others the liberal, still others the libertarian, and so on.

we are all in this mutually. you may proceed grouping your fellow voters into categories in step with ideology, yet we are able to all face the comparable issues. Do you relatively think of gay marriage must be seen in a presidential election? actual not, what style of unfastened usa will we live in if we are forced to p.c. between in reality 2 categories, in this methodology of black and white, a equipment of picking between 2 lesser evils. that’s a conditioned equipment that disguises the genuine source of the matters in this usa. we are able to all experience the entire effects of an financial disaster, and as quickly as that occurs human beings would understand that they should have paid interest to the significant matters such because of the fact the NDAA, or this conflict on terror they desire you to have confidence it, somewhat than gay marriage and abortion and so on. Do you think of it relatively is much less complicated to regulate a rustic while the &quot:unfastened human beings&quot: are arguing with one yet another in step with a conservative/liberal ideology, actual, and that’s strictly what’s going at right here.

they want change i.e. more debt, more war, more government, less responsibility, etc.

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