If someone is anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion and pro-capital punishment, does that mean they are right-wing?

These are only social policies. What about where they stand on the economic side of politics: social welfare, privatisation or nationalisation of industries?

Do we have to take them into account first, before we brand someone right wing?

don’t you know anything? are you that much of an idiot? yes we are right wing, and we are RIGHT. God is on OUR side.

liberals will go to hell because NONE of them are saved. I dream of the day I look down and laugh and seeing them in the lake of fire.

Although the words right and left wing give the appearance of a sliding scale (a line) and a centre, it isn’t. It is just easier to say without having to go into the specifics.

My point of view of a person with those views is that person has a tendency towards right wing thinking due to not having any of those views myself and because I find them extreme I would be very surprised if any of their other viewpoints altered that perception. Someone with another point of view may not see those views as right wing alone.

Right and left wing have nothing to do with economics . That sounds very American Christean right wing but the idea of religion having anything to do with it is almost offencive to most right wingers in the real world .

The right wing is Nationalism it is a progressive society where we look after our own interests and encourage success and striving to be the best .

The left wing is Marxism , it is a reactionary non progressive globalist idea that creates the society of the lowest common denominator

Capitalism is neither left or right but in fact in the centre .

Well accepting that people can marry others of the same sex, have abortions and such is typical of being ‘liberal’ which is typical of being left wing. But yes there is a lot more to it than just social policies.

Right wing are social conservatives–who believe what you suggested, but they also believe in market fundamentalism. They believe that only a completely free market can perfectly manage an economy and yield the best possible equity and prosperity.

Of course, the world has consistently proved them wrong time and again, but they don’t learn from mistakes.

Yes, probably. Some Left Wing supporters are opposed to abortion, though.


In the USA, right-wing normally conveys the impression of religious, anti-gay and anti-abortion etc.

In the Uk, it means wanting to work hard and pay your way. Not sponge off the state, like the lazy leftist bra-burning nutters

Does this mean if some one is pro gay and pro abortion they are confused and don:t really understand the reproduction process
Perhaps if some one is that stupid capital punishment would be in order
”Bill I think I just had a miscarriage” ”No Bob we had Mexican food last night”

It’s actually a fair point. People can have a range of views on a range of subjects. Not everyone thinks along party lines.

…and as &quot:Real American Patriot&quot: shows, not everyone thinks at all…

Yes, it means they are probably republican. Their views on economic policies are a sham. They are far more concerned with forcing their &quot:christian values&quot: on the rest of us.

Sounds like they are staunch in their religious beliefs.

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