If gas prices keep on rising every day, what will be the price of gas at Christmas?

I just couldn’t wait ’til Christmas to ask this question.

It depends on how much it rise. It may be around $5.25 a gallon by then.

A Barrel of Cruede oil makes 40 two gallons of gas. those issues is the time-honored ingrediate in our gas. while it is going as much as $one hundred thirty a barrel, a good $3.09 of each and every gallon is going straight away into procuring the Cruede. we are basically at 80 5% of skill with refineraries. The oil organization executives testified today that refinerary skill isn’t the undertaking – even nevertheless we’ve not geared up one in an extremely long term. while our government turns into financially to blame with our tax money – in different words…. they spend basically what they deliver mutually — then the dollar will enhance in fee. while that occurs, the cost of a barrel of oil will come down. For countries that have not had this form of extensive fall in distant places money fee, there have not been super will enhance in gas fees. yet another element to the upward thrust in fees is the competition from different countries wanting oil. a million in each and every 70 people in China have a automobile now. this is a brilliant enhance, and this is increasing immediately. think of in the event that they have what the U. S. has. In India, comparable outcomes. Our inhabitants is a trifling 301 million in assessment to over one billion for each of those 2 countries. while their share of persons requiring power is going up basically a sprint, this is a brilliant enhance in call for on the international oil ingredients.

Around $6

no kidding! i went to the gas station yesterday to put in what little i had, and there were some guys out there with yellow tape and they said “sorry ma’am but were shutting down the whole place for at least 2 hours”! when i returned they had jacked up the price to $3.81! i think that by christmas im gonna be waiting on my roof for santa and steal his sleigh! that thing must get better gas mileage than the bat mobile!

Here in California it is $5 a gallon, so I hope not but thinking $10 =(

Ho ho ho! It will cost you nothing! Great news:

Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
Can’t afford the gas
It’s horses all the way

Great way get outside
Don’t need a car for a ride
And all it costs is a bit of land
And a bale of hay 6 foot wide.

Easily over $6.. even pushing $7.

at the rate it’s going here, about a 20 cent hike per week, it’ll be close to $10 a gallon by then

don’t know, don’t care. They are bad enough now that I’m riding my bike everywhere except the grocery store. I need to invest in one of those carts that I can pull behind me so I can sell my car.

$95.00 a gallon Merry freakin’ Christmas

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