I have a w123 1980 300 D Mercedes.How much does it cost to repaint?The car vibrates at idle and in park?

How much does it cost to repaint
get euro headlights
euro bumpers
fix the air conditioning
fix up the upholstery
and fix the sunroof
and the weird vibrating at idle.


Repaint 2k to 10k how good a job you want?
Hard to find used to be about $500 for a set
Whats wrong with it? Compressor $350 Evapo $1200
Condenser $324 plus labor
$2 to 5K
Cable $90 motor $330 Switch $32.
Wow that could just be a motor mount $37, bad injectors $47 each
sloppy trans $4k

I have a 190 E 2.3 in Mint Condition and I had a similar problem with the transmission at idle I thought that this repair would break the bank however its simply the motor mounts that need to be replaced I ordered the parts through Mercedes and had my personal mechanic install the parts it wasa simple job. As far as a repaint the best place I think is Ben Clymers they repainted my mothers 5-Series for i think 5 Grand and the paint job comes with a lifetime warranty for cracking peeling etc. and as far as the rest of your problems I would suggest you buy the replacement parts via the dealer and contact a reliable mercedes certified mechanic. And finally to find any Upgradeable parts take a look at PerformanceProduct.com I found lots of useful upgradeable parts here at reasonable prices.

To stop vibrations check the engine mountings rubber bushes! This car sounds expensive.

A good paint job i would say around 3000. Depending on the miles it probably wouldnt be worth putting all the money into it.

Think again. You may just want to replace it with a newer one, unless you do most of the work yourself.

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