How to make onesignal plugin send notification only to mobile app?

I have ionic android app connected to onesignal, and wordpress that i make posts through my wordpress site. I installed the onesignal plugin and put the customised code provided by onesignal to send notification only to mobile app and not to browser but still when i click the notification takes me to web instead of app see bellow code

Bellow code is for sendind notification only to mobile app. When i use this code i get notification but takes me to web instead of app

function onesignal_send_notification_filter($fields, $new_status, $old_status, $post)
$fields[ isAndroid ] = true:
$fields[ isIos ] = true:
$fields[ isAnyWeb ] = false:
$fields[ isChrome ] = false:
$fields[ data ] = array(
myappurl =&amp:gt: $fields[ url ]
/* Unset the URL to prevent opening the browser when the notification is clicked */
unset($fields[ url ]):
return $fields:

Bellow code is for sending both notifications to app and to web browser. When i use this code it works well i get browser notification and app notification. and when i click app notification it takes me to the app. But the issue is i only need notification to mobile app i dont need both which the above code could do it, but it does not

As far as I understand, you want tapping on a url to open your app, as opposed to whatever your phone’s browser is. This is called &quot:deep linking&quot: and pretty much unrelated to how the notification was created (i.e. onesignal).

You basically have to set this up in your ionic app.
Here’s a blog entry I found about it:…

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