Here a 16 teen year olds cry?

Hi im 16 and have a baby on the way. And mom wants me to abort the baby but there’s a bond ther I’m 19 weeks and she call abortion. Place behind my back saying that she is me to get me to get a abortion I want to one of them but I couldnt do it I love my baby more then my mother his ever loved me. The father of the baby is there he gose to. All dr even his mom when the baby get here I will be 17 and him19 we been together for 2 years .but my mom kicked me out at on point in time because I wouldn’t get a abortion I just want you to hear a young mothers cryy for help what should I doo

You have to sign this paper thing for an abortion and your mom cant make you without it

and It is to late

Good luck!!

I understand how you feel

Get up, dust yourself off and wipe those tears.
Im 17 with a baby on the way.
Now you put yourself here and its time for you to act like an adult. I know how hard that is and im still learning myself. But dont get the abortion no matter what anyone says. Unless thats what you believe. People probaly told you not to have sex but we both made the mistake of not listening.
You can do this, and your going to be okay. Just remember god has a plan for you and thats one thing you cant screw up. Your going to have this baby and if you really think your not ready then do the responsible thing and put the baby up for adoption.
Believe me, i know what your going through, My mom even kicked me out and im alone now. You know in your heart whats right and it will all be okay.
Message me somtime, we could chat.
Good luck, hugs and kisses!

hey i know how you feel i was 19 when i had my first child and everyone told me to get an abortion i dont believe in them i think if a woman is old enough to open her legs then she is old enough to take care of her baby. now adoption. i went through that and im telling you now if you are taking care of that baby and you know you can do and there is nothing wrong with you. then dont do it please. ive been there all though my situation it is the worse the most possibly worse thing to do is to sign your rights over still to this day i still think about how i even signed the papers and some where in my heart i knew that i was doing the best thing for her was giving her a life that i could never give at least not at that time. i have a boy he is almost 4 he was first i have my rights to him but lives with family. well my daughter we with family to but then my brother who was going to adopt her died at 25 and now for the last pass 2 years i dont know where she is. so please do whats best for your child not whats best for you. i have a 5 month old now that live with me and i would give anything to go back in time and do waht is best for my children. dont get an abortion. but think of you r child first that baby comes first on everything now your whole life is going to change once you ahve that baby ok. remember you arenot alone that planned parenthood and some mid wives will help you too. and also catholic charities will help and some churches ok dear. GOD BLESS and may GOD be with you and your baby.

Girl I could barely read dat shet!! Lol, but baby boo! Please understand what you are getting into!!! This is not some joke 18yrs of bs and Ican bank on dis.. You and him will sizzle and frikkin fizz! Wanna know how I know. I’ve been right where you were.

If you are mentally, emotionally, and financially prepared– then you got to do what you got to do. It sucks being in school and having to be judged and having the prob a mother has. But this is the road you must travel. And my child ended up with CP, have you even thought about if this child were to have a disability, how it would affect you and your life. Have you fully thought through this situation. Up, down, left, right and 360 degrees? I hope you have, cause its gonna be a doozer.

Many blessings and peace. Please try to deal with your mother because without family, it’ll complicate things further.

Well having a baby is a wonderful and scary at the same time. I think you should have the baby and do your best it will be tough but I’m sure you will do fine please don’t obort the baby if you change you mind just give the baby a chance in a adobtion you will be fine just do your best and get the right support and help you need. Good luck

Most doctors preform abortions up until 24 weeks, BUT it doesn’t matter because she CANNOT force you. No one can. Even if she tries taking you to a clinic, just let the doctor know you do not want this, and that your mom is trying to force you. They will not allow the procedure unless it’s what YOU want.

i had my first child at 16. yea, it was hard but luckily my family was there for me even though her father wasnt (he is now). frst off, its way too late for an abortion, youre almost 5 months pregnant. you can find out the sex of your baby in a week and a baby can survive outside of the womb at 20 weeks. your mom is just going to have to accept that youre having a child. if she doesnt want to be a part of it then thats he loss. can you move in with your boyfriend? i know it will be very hard for you but i wish you all the luck with your little one.

It’s too late for an abortion really. 16 weeks is the latest doctors will do it.

your mom will just have to deal with it she cannot make you have an abbortion its you who will regret it not her its lifelong iv had an abbortion and it bothered me for a long time i had no choice to do it but right after i did it i changed my mind, my mom was like that also when i had my first child and she got over it i was strickly telling her no after awhile she accepted it parents are weird like that

you really shouldnt have gotten pregnant. i know abortion is like killing someone, but you should have listened to ur mom when she said get an abortion. ur only 16 girl!!!! u r sooo not ready for this. and now its too late. the latest is 16 weeks. so ur stuck with this one huney

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