Has Sharpton & Jackson apologized to the Duke players for smearing their names and reputations falsely?

I haven’t read anything about it.

Aren’t they the main ones that want everyone to apologize for EVERYTHING ELSE?? They are such hypocrites.

You know who should apologize first, that lying girl who said that those boys raped her. If it wasn’t for her Al Sharpton wouldn’t have been involved. You should be more mad at the girl.

They are mad three innocent white boys aren’t in prison.
Jackson said he would send the poor girl to college. Has he done that?

I couldn’t believe have many had the boys convicted. The libs were ready to have the death penalty before the trial. Look how quick the school reacted to an allegation. Fired the coach and ended the season for all these players thereby agreeing with the masses, they are guilty.

As soon as hell freezes over you willl see Sharpton and Jessie jump on that. NOT!!!!
They have already forgot about that entirely and has found new cameras to mug for and to help spread their venom to keep the race card alive and well. They will have to stop pretty soon because the Dem’s will need to utilize that plank for the upcoming election, so Al and Jessie will have to kick back for about 6 months. Never fear, they will be back!!

Sharpton and Jackson not ony give blacks a bad name, they also give Christianity a bad name. They are both &quot:Rev.&quot: and neither one can go a week without judging some white guy.

I haven’t heard anything about this either.

I did hear some say Nifong(sp?) should apologize for the racial tension created . . .

That said, I’m not convinced that the girl wasn’t raped, just that she fingered the wrong guys . . . she was bruised and did have fluids present on her person, etc. Add to that, she may have been under the influence and confused about the events of the night.

hahahaha! And admit they’re wrong? Not on your life.

Where’s the public outcry for their atrocities? Maybe we should begin an email campaign, demanding that they both get on FOX and extend public apologies.

That way we’ll all get to see it since the Dems seem to pay more attention to FOX than any other station. Right?

They are both shake down artists they are not Christians and they are not for their own people they are racists and bigots, They are the worst leaders for the Black race in this country, they just profit from Blacks and pretend to lead. Their famous expressions are Hymie town and white interlopers.

No, being a certified race hustler means never having to say you’re sorry. It would create a chink in the victimhood armor and lessen the chances of future corporate shakedowns.

Since you insist on making us Conservatives racist by only focusing on the racial issue..perhaps a revisit to the night of the incident and an account of what happened that night..

this is from the UK Guardian:
&quot:Many of the professors say they were protesting more than the rape charges: for example, the fact that a group of boys would hire a black stripper – the players have said they requested a white stripper.

As the woman stumbled out of the party last spring, neighbours say they heard the party-goers shout &quot:thank your grandpa for my nice cotton shirt&quot:, referring to the days when black slaves picked cotton in the segregated south. Another black dancer at the party was overheard shouting racial slurs back at the white players.&quot:
try and get past of this and be a bigger person than Sharpton
the players and the stripper..we’d all benefit from that

Jackson and Sharpton have NEVER been part of the solution, they are a huge part of the problem.

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