Girl Advice! Ex Boyfriend! Girls only! Tell it like is! in depth! Guys maybe? This is long!?

Okay so I met him way back last year in October of 2010, first semester of college! Things were great etc he asked me out ( he never had a girlfriend before! but i thought he was so cute) ( i sorta never had a boyfriend things never really worked out before they were all assholes or players) anyway… long story.. We went out for 2 weeks in Dec of 2010, i broke up with him! I wasn’t really looking for anything serious but then i told him and still had feelings etc, and so he waited on me, we had a lot of things happen a long the way, there was so drama with this ***** that tried to have sex with him but he said no, then the stupid ****(the girl that tried to sleep with him) started mesaging me on fb! i was mad but glad he didn’t do anything with her and stayed loyal to me! he celebrated valentines day with me etc, but i made it clear to him we were just best friends!!!! but not allowed to see others!!! but i liked him! a lot! then there was this one icident and it made me sooooooooo mad!!!!! i know i made him wait really loooong, but a mutual friend on fb let him pretend to be someone else and talk to me!etc! I was so mad! He said he just wanted to know if I really cared etc, b/c he was waiting so long! whatever! so it’s like the end of april and he ask me back out on the day of the royal wedding ( he chose that day because it was romantic ) on april 29th i told him yes! he seemed sorta tired and not as confident as he used to be like he had changed or something but we were happy!!! But he brought up the past! Like he had questions! and he got so mad whenever i told him, that during the break ( dec to april) that we were not exclusive just friends! but i made sure to tell him i didnt like any other guy! then after all of that he got really mad on day when his mother ( who is like schizophernic or something) ended up going in to the hospital, and he had to take care of his family, etc he was like 19 at the time taking care of his family and dealing with cps etc.. he is hardworking… but anyway..,.he texted me wanting to hang out that day, i didnt get back to him and then he was creeeping on FB! and saw that i lied to him i was hanging out with my friends! i told him i was with my family the whole time!, besides it was like he didnt want me to have friends or something. (he would write love letters alot and give flowers to randomly but thats not the point)

so after that our relationship started changing, we argued a lot more, and then one day we broke in october of 2011, and at the point i had enough! at first we tried fix it //to mend things, but then i told him no we are just friends!!!! and when asked me wether or not i wanted to be with him still, he got mad because i didnt give him a yes or a no!!!! so we had this on and off arguement we didnt talk for a few weeks then he came back i was happy i missed him for little bit, so when he came back i told him lets take it slow he called me everyday in dec after work, texted me good night like he usually did, then a few days after christmas he gives me my present and i give him his, he gives me this orchid plant ( my favoirate flower!!!) and a box of hand made stuff, letters, a rose, and choclate all sorts of neat little stuff, mi gave him some tea cake mix since he likes to cook, we are talking and then ask me back out again, he says don’t let me be the one that got a way, i really do care, and want to be there in your life etc then he ask me out, and then i tell him i just cant do it i have a full time job and school, and then i point out to him who wants a relationship not me? then he gets mad, but he is still okay, then i told him i never got to meet his parents!!!!!!!( I did get to meet brothers and sisters) and he was like well you dont understand my families not like yours etc ( because, his moms crazy) and i told him how he made me feel so ashamed cause i never got to meet his parents, then he told him to Shut the **** up! I handed him back the Orhcid plant he gave me he tried to give it back to me, …And I was so mad, i told him to get out! he walked out of the car! texted me saying sorry, but that I shouldn’t have gone their cause I knew not to go there, etc… and i have not spoken to him since!!!

in fact right after the argument, my mom called him asking if he would like to talk to my father.

He texted me on New Years, wishing me the best etc, I am mad at him after all that he was a nightmare. He texted me on new Years, saying how he will always remember me for the good, and never the bad, because the bad is never worth remebering, etc I didn’t text back

We are done!

Wow.. What a B I T C H..!! That guy should run away and look for someone worth his time.. I mean you should have kept his heart in a mink box full of sunshine and rainbows instead you throw it into a u knw hw lucky you were to be someone’s first Congrats you just turned another guy into a player..girls like you are the reason why guys have commitment phobia.. Karma’s gonna get you..:&gt:

And &quot:i cant be in a relationship cuz i have a full time job!&quot:.. Wow how LAME is that!! So you mean all the million girls who have bfs are just fat jobless idiots!!

I don’t even know what you’re trying to point out and what do you want anyone to react into it. That sure is a long story. All I can say is that you wasted your time wandering around letting someone wait for you when in fact you should answered him the truth. This guy is actually a great catch! Well from what you stated, he’s even hardworking and responsible. And also it’s a bad thing to lie, you’re in a complicated relationship but that doesn’t mean you can play around with his emotions. It’s understandable that both of you will be mad. Anyone can be mad. You just need to be patient with one another. If you still like him, tell him what he has been to you and fix things up from then on. Good luck! 🙂

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what your question is. I read the whole thing and all I got out of it is that you were pushing him away and playing hot and cold with him. So, you told him that you like him, but you don’t want to go out with him, but he can’t be with anyone else either? Then you get mad when some other girl comes on to him? That’s really just confusing. It sounds like it’s over, and I’m kind of surprised he hung on as long as he did. In the future, just be straight with someone and things will turn out better for you.

Sounds like you’re a stuck up ***** who thinks far too highly of herself. You made him wait for nearly a year, and you blamed him for being affected by that? You blamed him for wanting to know why you left him hanging? It sounds like recently you were incredibly insensitive to his emotions, saying &quot:Who wants a relationship, not me!&quot: to him was surely very hurtful.

He wants a relationship. With you. Clearly you don’t deserve a guy like that, who’s sweet, patient, hardworking, and determined. You don’t have to be in love with him, but don’t be a *****. Be respectful of his feelings, and keep in mind that you not only let a great guy walk out of your life, but probably lost a great friend in the process.

Get your head checked.

Sounds like you didn’t treat him very well and acted immature about things. Why would you tell him that you are just friends but don’t want him to see anyone else. That is going to confuse the hell out of him. If you like him then don’t tell him that you are JUST friends…

I also don’t get why you would have to lie to him if you didn’t want to see him when he was your bf, why don’t you tell him how you feel or why you weren’t hanging out with him

Is there an actual question somewhere in here? Because it just seems like a long story to me. Hope it helped to at least just get it off your chest.

Im going to be very hOnest. You sound like a childish brat! You only wan him when it’s convinent for you. LeAve him alone. Your hurting him. Just go sepetate ways.Or if yu can’t be with him! Yu wanna e with him for a reason think about it lady

You seem cold hearted. sorry to say but that man seems like he deserves way better than someone who thinks to highly of herself.
I hope you grow up one day and see how immature and cruel you sound.
its not all about you.

You said yourself you didnt want a relatiolnship. Why are you mad at him?

You were smart doing that, you deserve better, he messed up, he is not worth your time, if I was there next to you, i would shake your hand and congratulate you.

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