My House Dog pees everywhere?

My little male Picanese&amp:lt:sp?&amp:gt: house dog pees all over everything. when im not in the room he pees in my bed and i have to take the sheets off and wash them almost everyday. when i spank him over it he just trys to bite me. what could i do to make him stop. is it because he is a male? my female doesnt do this.

Firstly, spanking your dog will accomplish absolutely nothing, so you need to stop punishing him for things that he doesn’t understand. You need to potty train him, and if he isn’t neutered, doing so may lower the amount of accidents. You can try either potty pads or crate training to speed up the process. I would recommend using a crate because I find those pads to be quite revolting. The crate should be just big enough for your dog to lay down and stand comfortably. Dogs will naturally not soil their living area, so he shouldn’t use the bathroom in his crate. The whole point is to teach your dog that the entire house is his home, which is too large to train instantly. You should place the crate in a busy area, so he doesn’t get lonely. Further, it should be placed where you would like him to sleep because it will become his sleeping area. Next, you need to slowly increase his home making it larger than the crate. If he makes an accident, you should take him outdoors and praise him when he uses the bathroom. Never use the crate to punish him, it should be his safe haven. If you crate train him properly, he should become a loving pet that doesn’t pee in your bed or anywhere in your home. There’s plenty of information on crate training and other methods in books, online, and from pet experts(i.e. vets, trainers, pet stores, etc.). I hope this helps and you can stop wasting your time cleaning sheets everyday! Good Luck!!

The main reason this is not stopping is because you spank him–and aren’t training him. He needs to be properly trained so that when you take him out for a walk and he pees, praise him, reward him with a good treat(healthy that he likes), and do this alot so he learns that he is rewarded for peeing when he does it outside(or in yard, or on paper or whereever you want him to pee)This may take awhile as he has gotten into a bad habit, but keep your bedroom door closed when you don’t want him in there out of your sight for awhile at least until he is trained to go pee where you want him to by reward and praise. If you do this regularly daily, even if you have to take him for walks till he pees, many times a day, and reward him with good treats and praise and he will learn to pee outside. But just in case he has some health problem you should get him checked out by a vet as well as my sister had a cat that peed on the bed and it had a kidney infection– it was telling her something. Your dog may have a health condition or it may just need training to get out of a bad habit. Whatever it is you can find out and most male dogs do not do this, even unneutered dogs so it is not because of his sex. And punishment never does work it only makes things worse, positive reward for good behaviour brings about good behaviour.

Google “Crate Training”. You need to get a crate just big enough for him to stand up and turn around. Too big and he’ll use a corner to relieve himself.

You didn’t mention his age, but a dog can only be expected to hold themselves for an hour for each month of age.

Don’t ever spank your dog. That just teaches them to “hide” their bathroom habits (i.e. behind furniture, under table, etc.), doesn’t teach them not to go in the house. Just calmly place them in the crate and go back and clean up the mess. Be sure and clean it up where your puppy can’t see you. If you can’t supervise your dog, either keep him in his crate or connect his leash to you so that you will be able to see where he is at all times. Take him out every hour. If he fails to go, take him back to crate and try again in about 10 to 15 min. and keep doing this until he does go. When your dog does manage to go outside like you want make a HUGE deal out of it praising him tons and giving him a bite-sized treat. Then he will know that he did well. Dogs love to please their masters.

Good luck and remember, hitting a dog is never an answer. You must keep your cool and simply crate him and clean it up. It’s basically your fault for poor supervision.

P.S. If your dog does go on carpet either use Nature’s Miracle for clean up, or as I did while training, I use Spot Shot and a spray bottle filled with half vinegar/half water. I cleaned up with Spot Shot and then went over w/vinegar & water solution to nutralize odor. If the dog can still smell where they previously went they will go back to the same spot.

He should have crate training. Crate trainin is the dog knows not to pee where he sleeps.
Besides the bed out somewhere you should provide him a training pad. Which help you not to keep cleaning his pee up. He pee on the pad and once he pee you jus throw the pad away and get another one. Its very simple easy.
You should take him out every 1 hour. That would be great!
Its easy to teach a dog crate training!

Here is how you crate train dogs:

The crate should never be used to punish your dog.
Keep the introduction to the crate short and sweet. Let the dog get comfortable with the crate before attempting to close the door on him. Once you close the door, reward him with praise and/or a treat. Keep the first few sessions with the door shut short. Ten seconds without crying is what you’re striving for. Open the door and give him lots of love and praise. Slowly, and I mean slowly, increase the time with the door shut.
Select the proper size crate for your dog. If you buy a crate that is large enough to accommodate him when he is full-sized, block off an area inside the crate to make it just large enough for him to stand up and turn around. Making it too large will allow him to soil one area and live in the other.
Pick up your dog’s water 3-4 hours before putting him up for the night.
Allow your dog to eliminate completely prior to being put up for the night.
Take him outside immediately upon letting him out of the crate. With puppies, you may have to carry them outside to avoid accidents.
Let him naturally find the crate in your kitchen, living room or wherever you decide the crate will reside. Make sure you place the crate in an area well circulated, free of drafts, and out of direct sunlight. Placing food in the back of the crate will encourage your pet to explore and enter this new area.
Never let your dog out of the crate if he is crying.
Have a vigorous play session before to going to bed.
An undergarment or a ticking alarm clock can comfort a new puppy during his first few nights away from his littermates.
Never disturb your dog when he seeks solitude in his crate. Remember this is his domestic den and like you, he needs valuable time alone.
Finally, be patient and committed to the process.

If he is intact and you “use” your bed, well, my friend had this problem and we both learned it is not uncommon for an intact male to mark his territory in our personal areas. Spanking really doesn’t work! He may also be feeling neglected and acting out. Try limiting his areas he has 24hr access to. Close doors, like your bedroom, and also put child/pet gates up to keep him in one room until he learns where to do his business, then slowly allow him into larger areas, then eventually full access if that is what you wish.

Spanking him over it will accomplish nothing but to make him scared of you. Dogs can’t distinguish between actions done previously and punishment – how is he supposed to know what he’s being punished for? Try taking him out every couple of hours, and praise him like mad when he urinates outside. You’ll get faster results with positive/reward training than you will with negative/punishment training.

He’s marking his territory, he is not neutered.. Or he wasn’t trained properly and you didn’t teach him not to mark in the house.. Hitting him is not going to teach him not to mark.. Training him not to pee in the house at all is the only thing you can do.. Clean the house so he can’t smell the old spots,, and he won’t try to mark over them again..

Pekeinese dogs’ bladders are about the size of maybe a large walnut. You have to take him out every hour or less. DOn’t spank him. He will soon learn that pee time is outside. You can also provide him pee pads to pee on.

Well first steam clean everywhere the dog has urinated. Then whenever he does do that rub his nose in it and place him in his crate. I would neuter him as it will probably stop all of the house soiling. Best of luck and hope this helped. ~Kayla

is he nuetered? if not this will most likely solve the problem. theres not much you can do about what he does when your not there. when you are there you just need to stay on top of him. when you catch him in the act make a loud noise & grab him & throw him outside telling him no. he just need proper potty trainin. which with adult males is pretty difficult since they do mark their territory alot. good luck!

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