Did you know that the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 25% during George W. Bush s Presidency?

I was shocked to learn this myself, especially when you consider that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has gone up by about 14% annual average for the last century or so. Somebody told me it was true (about the Bush years) but I didn’t believe them so I did some research. I learned that the DJIA closed at 10,587 on Jan 20, 2001 and that it closed at 7949 on Jan 20, 2009. That drop of 2638 is a loss of 24.92% since Bush’s first day in office.


I cannot thank you enough for pointing out the obvious to the foolish dolts who intend to blame this mess on our current President of only seven months.

Did you know that the Austrian School of Economics predicted it, yet Obama is reinflating the bubble and pursuing a pyramid scheme known as Keynesian economics despite the fact that those are the guys who led us off the cliff to begin with?

This isn’t a GOP/Dem thing.

yes, he is one of the few that happened to.

and if you take what the DOW was at it’s highest point while he was in office, to where it closed when he left office, it lost a whole lot more than that.

**Lonnie , please show us how you arrived at that. Do you use voodoo math???

He was also the first president since Hoover to see no net job growth during his term.



bush did a lot of damage to our economy. i don’t understand why people blame the financial hardship on obama when he was basically handed it by the bush admin.
check out the link. we went from next to no debt after clinton to the biggest debt ever by the time bush got out. bush messed up a lot of things, but hopefully we will have the national strength to get out. i think well do fine

Did you know Obama is President now and is doing historically bad on several levels at the same time and could possibly SURPASS Carter as Worst Recent President?

Do you expect cons to believe those pesky things called numbers and figures?

Did you know that the DOW was falling when he took office and then fell even more after 9/11…then just as we began to recover, the housing market collapsed (which began long before him). There was also an inflated market before he took over thanks to the .com bubble…

Most of the economic trouble we are in is thanks to things that were in motion before GWB was in the white house.

I guess you don’t have a 401K.

If you think Obama is responsible for the gain, stay away from the stock market. You obviously don’t understand it.

Since you are so amazing at math, and you think Obama is such a wizard, please do the percentage for the unemployment rate. When Obama took office it was 7.2%. It is up to 9.5%. Percentage please?

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