why didnt Hitler think that Scandinavia would be good enough &quot:lebenstraum&quot: , instead of Russia?

wasnt Scandinavia ,,just like it is today , fairly unpopulated? why this wasnt enough? aslo, did Norway and Sweden and Finland sell many raw materials to both sides before and DURING ww2? how they were able to do this and why?

would Hitler and the Nazis been able to dominate Europe ,,especially,,,since they would control the Baltic as well as CENTRAL europe,,if had not attacked Russia? and had plenty of room and materials? HOW ABOUT OIL WELLS OFF OF COAST? what hitler was thinking?

Please explain what you can

thanks for your answers!

First, you have some misinformation. The oil wells off the coast were not discovered until the late 1960’s. In fact, off-shore oil drilling was not technologically feasible until after World War II. There were some tries before the war, but they were few and far in between. In fact, the war actually sped up technology to make it possible.

Also, Sweden was the only Scandinavian country to remain neutral and sell to both sides. Sweden’s main natural resource is iron ore which comes from the very north of the country. It’s some of the purest iron in the world, and it is the iron best suited to German steel making technology of the time. Even German iron ore wasn’t ideal. Sweden made it known that the mines were booby trapped. If Germany invaded, they would blow them up. It would take years for the Germans to get the working again. In the mean time, that’s a big drop in tank production.

Norway was occupied by the Germans to keep the British from doing it. Because of ice in the Baltic a good part of the year, the best way to get Swedish iron ore to Germany is to take it across the border to the Norwegian port of Narvik and ship it down by coastal transport. Furthermore, Norway made an excellent Submarine base. If you look at a globe, because of the curvature of the Earth, northern Norway is only a short distance from the best German submarine hunting grounds of the war, the Greenland-Iceland gap. That means the submarines could fuel up in Norway and stay in patrol longer.

Germany didn’t invade Finland for several reasons. Finland scared the Germans. When the Soviet Union invaded Finland in the winter of 1939-40, the tiny Finn army shredded the Soviets. They couldn’t get to Finland. The British had destroyed most of the German surface navy during the battle for Norway. The only other was was through the Soviet Union, but the Finns allied with Germany to fight the Soviets. It was an unusual situation, the Finns were at war with the Soviets, but not with Western Allies.

Second, compared to the Soviet Union, Europe’s natural resources are a drop in the bucket. Ukraine alone has farmland that, properly used (and it wasn’t), could out produce the whole of the U.S. in terms of grain. After East Texas, the largest oil fields in the world were there. The Saudi Oil Fields would not be developed until after the war. The Soviet Union has as much natural resources as the United States if not more. Also, unlike the U.S., a lot of those natural resources were not yet tapped in 1941.

Third, lebensraum is not about natural resources alone. The word means “living room”. We had something similar in this country called “Manifest Destiny”. We spread out from East to West and settled the continent. What happened to the people (Native Americans) who were already there. They went from about an estimated 150 to 200 million to a few hundred thousand at most.

That’s what Hitler wanted to do with lebensraum. In fact, he wrote admiringly about how the Americans had cleared out “inferior” peoples and made room for themselves. He modeled his initial concentration camps (not the death camps, they came later) partly on Indian Reservations.

Hitler wanted to move the German people and civilization East the way Americans moved theirs west. Hitler’s ideology was racially motivated. To him, the peoples of the Soviet Union were under mensch (“lower men”), not even human. Germans, on the other hand, were uber mensch (“higher men”). He wanted to exterminate the under and replace them with the uber. However, Scandinavians were, in his racial philosophy, pure Nordic Germanic blood. He couldn’t exterminate them.

Russia had the oil and vast farmland that he wanted. Hitler thought Slavic races were inferior and should be exterminated. He did invade Norway, Sweden was Neutral, and Finland was sort of allied with Hitler (Both fought the USSR, in fact Finland had to cede land to the USSR after the war). On the other hand, Nordics are Aryan, there wasn’t much oil up that way and I would imagine that much of that region isn’t as good for agriculture as the USSR. Sweden was supplying Germany. Hitler was getting what he needed out of Norway (heavy water for example), and as for oil the technology for offshore drilling was primitive plus those platforms would have made very tempting targets.

The Norwegian oil fields weren’t discovered until long after WWII.

Hitler wanted Eastern Europe/Russia for two reasons, it was prome agricultural land and in particular the wheat bowl of Europe and the oil fields in the Caucasus were easily exploitable. Plus he wanted to take these valuable possessions away from communist Russia.

Hitler was hapy to exploit sweden’s neutrality, it was a centre of heavy industry and in particular supplied technology such as the ball bearings that Nazi germany’s war machine needed. That’s why he didn’t invade while he happily trashed the other Nordic nations.

Here’s some info from a web site. Good thumbnail of the Nazi’s interest in Norway. Also, they were neutral before the war and had quite a following of European nationalism of their own.

Norwegian officials were intent on maintaining the country’s neutrality as they had done in World War I. Norway had no professional army and only a poorly trained militia. Officials had seen the German newsreels of what had happened in Poland and were intent on maintaining the country’s neutrality. In fact they pursued this course even after the NAZI invasion was underway (April 1940). Control of Norway proved useful to the NAZIs as naval and air bases made it difficult for the Royal Navy to bottle up the U-boats in the North Sea. Norway was also an important source of raw materials. Later after the invasion of the Soviet Union, the Germans were able to launch devastating raids on Allied convoys delivering war materials to Murmansk and Archangel. The NAZIs much admired Norway as a rich source of Nordic Aryan breeding stock. The Resistance was active in Norway. The resistance aided by the British staged some important raids and kept the Allies informed of German military movements. They also saved about half of Norway’s small Jewish population from the Holocaust. The Germans maintained a substantial army of occupation. Later in the War, the Allies tried to convince the Germans that they were planning an invasion, to discouraging the Germans from drawing down the occupation force to strengthen the Atlantic wall in northern France.

Scandinavia was too remote, most of Russia had rail and road links.

The Ukraine had and still has, some of the most fertile land in the world.There was also oil and lots of property and stockpiles of raw materials to loot.

Scandinavia has no oil, in fact apart from some Swedish iron ore, very few natural resources at all and the cargo ships carrying ore were bombed and torpedoed by the Allies.

There were no “oil wells off of coast”. Oil drilling in the North Sea did not began until 1966.

I think you meant lebensraum, although, given the literal translation of lebenstraum, you might not be too far off.

There is no doubt that Hitler should never have attacked Russia.

hitler saw the scandinavians as aryans, while russians were inferior. also more space and resources and population

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