Why are conservatives so quick to accuse others of hating America?

When cons were criticizing Clinton for every little thing when he was president, Democrats didn’t resort to the treason card like cons do all the time.

Let me put it another way. Cons accuse libs of hating America because we see problems that need fixing. For example, Micheal Moore on healthcare. Yet, conservatives do the same thing. They’re always criticizing some aspect of America whether it’s the universities, professors, teachers, scientific organizations, popular culture, hollywood, historians, secularists, humanists, feminists, etc, etc,

And yet liberals DO NOT resort to accusing conservatives of hating America.

Imagine if people decided in the past that America had reached its pinnacle of excellence and no more change was required. Slavery would have never been eliminated. Women and minorities would never have gotten their equal rights and things like interracial marraige would still be illegal.

Conservatives have always resorted to “mud slinging” because the people that share their,beliefs are mostly from the Old solid Democratic south, that left the democratic party to join the Republican party because of the Democratic fight for racial equality. They stood in the school house doors,with their mobs and the Federal government dispatched armed Federal Troops To force these school and Universities to desegregate, they still use the climate of fear, if you do not follows us you are America’s enemy, I could not be more clearly stated then Bush’s statement “you are either with us or your against us”. I am a Veteran , I can not understand how veterans could turn on another veteran, to demean the uniform of the American soldier . This was done by these Idiots to back Bush who never was in the war not even as a water boy. Also the VFW that refused to back a disabled American woman veteran and backed her opponent. It is quite evident in the answers expressed in this forum are person’s that are unable to discuss the rational for their political beliefs. Liberals are more free thinkers, and are able to explain the reasons for their political beliefs.
In Tucson Arizona I was the Ist Mexican American, to be elected to my local school Board and much of the anger / hate aimed against me was peached at the Southern Baptist Church on sundays. But after my election the anglo control of the School Board was lost forever. That was in 1974, and to this day they never regained their majority, But I was labeled a communist, unAmerican, But I could not care less what they thought, We beat them at their own game. Thank god.

Well…Ive not seen such a bigoted question in some time, but I’ll do what I can to answer it appropriately.

Your final statements is what gives me the most grief. It shows a true hatred and bigotry so submerged you feel you are being self-righteous in your “cause” and that could not be further from the truth.

Imagine if people decided in the past that America had reached its pinnacle of excellence and no more change was required. Slavery would have never been eliminated. Women and minorities would never have gotten their equal rights and things like interracial marraige would still be illegal.”

There is not a single person on the face of the planet that believes that America has reached its pinnacle of excellence. Anybody who feels that no more change is required is beyond dangerously complacent. The rest of what you said just paints you as a closet bigot. If you really are a “lib” you are a great reason for minorities to truly consider their votes carefully instead of blindly voting for a party that secretly despises and undermines everything they claim to stand for.

Because, like liberals, conservatives have become so polarized that if you are not with them then you are the enemy.

I see liberals call conservatives inbreds, fascists, betraying American ideals

I see conservatives calling liberals traitors, communists, hypocrites.

Basically I see each side using different words for the same thing….so while you are right the conservatives do it is not because they are bad people…just a deeper problem that liberals share.

Being without the intelligence and creativeness of confident and artistic men and women who give a contribution to constructing a higher and extra affluent America. Conservatives discover satisfaction in imply and competitive acts of sabotage.

You need help my friend anyone who think Micheal Moore Is good about anything is real in sad shape so open up your eyes and see what you lib are doing to us ,gays are good and kill unborn babies is good!!! If that is all good then stay a liberal and go to hell in peace my friend and for health care your really want to pay a lot more tax!!! Ask our friends to the north how is there tax more then what the make!!

They’ve been polarized to the point that they can only see two sides; their way and the wrong way. If it’s not conservative, it must be wrong. That’s why many don’t like certain Republican candidates, such as Romney and Guilianni, who they see as too liberal. It’s an unfortunate truth.

Conservatives have an agenda. Many of them believe in freedom of speech, for example, only when you agree with them. In politics, everyone has a right to free speech, even Conservatives. It’s up to those who disagree with them to speak out and prove them wrong.

Republicans associate their point of view with nationalism, and, as such, patriotism; Democrats with principles of the Bill of Rights.

Perhaps because most libs, like you, do not hope for success of our troops in their current operations in Baquba.


Because Conservatives think they are the personification of America and we attack them because we would like to think for ourselves.
They just interpret it as an attack against America.

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