who s your top three fave looney tune characters?

if your three match my three, you win

Bugs Bunny.
Foghorn Leghorn.
Yosemite Sam.

Bugs Bunny
Road Runner
Porky Pig

Bugs Bunny
Road Runner

Marvin the Martian
Fifi the Cat
Daffy Duck

Wile E. Coyote
elma fudd
bugs bunny
in that order looney tunes are the funniest

1. Gossamer(he’s the big red monster in the high tops)
2. Pete Puma(” I don’t drink tea anymore, it give me a headache, Ihhhhhhhh!”.
3. Witch Hazel

Taz and
Road Runner meep meep 😀

Duffy Duck
Coyote <---- not sure he's one of the LOONEY'S =P but yeah

daffy foghorn and the little chicken hawk

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