When WAS the last time and place with full employment– no need for welfare or food aid?

Stone age.

Never. Society is not some neat and clean perfect place. People have free will to make decisions about their lives that leave them broke or homeless. People make mistakes. People are victims of other people’s stupidity. We are always going to need to have a safety net in place to help those who have problems.

Life is messy. But, that doesn’t mean people get to take advantage of the safety net and not contribute to society. We all have an obligation to do all we can to minimize our burden on others.

Instead of bumping up minimum wage the prices of products should being tweaked to be lower and what your asking is most likely the 1950’s when food was affordable for the lowest of classes.

Sometime in 2007 I was full time worker. 2008 onward I’ve been jobless. Its been over 5 years now of being jobless

2010 i filed chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of collection agency harassment but student loan didn’t get wiped out and today I’m again harassed by collection agency 40 times a day

I’ve been self-employed at home since 2002. I get most of my gigs from craigslist and do them on the net, mostly web design and computer consulting. Beats the heII out of playing corporate games.

The Democratic (Welfare) party has been around since Moby Dick was a minnow.

Any time before the LBJ presidency which was termed the great society era.

After the massive government spending program known as WW2, is my guess.

What do you mean, in the history of the country? Or what? This was a really poorly written question.

There is no such fictional place. LOL!

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