When Conservatives actually admit they are on Welfare, do they blame Obama?

We all know that there are Republicans/Conservatives on Welfare, but the Right wants you to believe that it’s only the Liberals. So when a Conservative actually admits he/she is on welfare, do they go with Fox News and blame Obama?

The difference being that where Conservatives “admit to being on Welfare”, Liberals brag about it.

Conservatives don’t blame 0bama for their being on Welfare, they blame 0bama for their staying on Welfare.

I have a conservative friend who gets food stamps, only works part time, doesn’t look for full time work and he’s not a fan of Obama, but i haven’t heard him blame him.

No we blame every president of the opposing party all the way back to Grover Cleveland like liberals do.

It’s hilarious how terrified low IQ liberals are of Fox News or any media source that doesn’t mindlessly repeat Obama’s lies.

Romney won a clear majority of voters with a college degree, and those making 50k+, and those making 100k+. Barrry Hussein won a clear majority of those without a college degree and those making less than 40k.
Why is the liberal party made up of dumbs and poors? Libs explain yourselves.

it somewhat is stupid of him to play on the Race Card as on a similar time as individuals particularly vote by utilising way of race then he’s going to be out numbered even including the entire american black and the african-american organization. now’s to be responsive to the wanted adjustments to be performed after the 700B bailout and the thank you to functionalise the saving mechanism to create an robust healing in the monetary climate. the yank electorate opt to look the particularly going on and the robust results of circulate, for that reason he has to table his menu of reform to cajole that it’s going to distinction and can artwork with speedy healing for all sectors. His powerful worthwhile force now must be to get the white of each activities to vote for him even in small majority however would be an indication of a actual American voting suited to the finished country. interior here Debate, he ought to throw out his enjoying cards to blue up the account of pink to offer finished have confidence to the country.

That’s why I have land, seeds, tools, guns, stockpile, debt free, and I hoard money and bartering items.

So the welfare are **** out of luck when I loose my job

Well who’s fault do you think it is.
The Bush administration warned us about the economy taking a dive do to Democrats screwing it up!
0bama thinks everything is fine lol
For someone to think that… must mean this is what they wanted to happen.

Of course.

It’s the Obama economy that is keeping them unemployed.

If they did blame Obama, a lot would be right … We are still losing more workers than we are gaining thanks to Obama’s polices.
I know of several local businesses that have had to cut peoples hours just to keep people employed… thanks to obamacare.

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