What would you name 10 children?

Using the names below, what would you name 5 girls and 5 boys? Please use only one middle name, and do not change the spelling or the gender of the names listed. Thank you.


Winifred, Freya, Ruby, Margaret, Gretchen, Annabel, Cecily, Felicity, Matilda, Bronwen, Thomasina, Enid, Isolde, Blodwen, Eloise, Audrey, Imogen, Siobhan, Eleanor, Blythe, Josephine, Petra, Florence, Tara, Maeve, Beatrice, Victoria, Naomi, Henrietta, Elspeth, Fiona, Clementine, Helen, Ivy, Jemima, Olive, Louisa, Wilhelmina, Gwendolen, Honour, Iris, Edith, Julia, Lillan, Gertrude, Selina, Amelia, Freda, Rosina, Adelaide, Theodora, Eve, Georgina


Rowan, August, William, Darcy, Edmund, Lucian, Blythe, Quinn, Errol, Benedict, Jonah, Bryn, Ronan, Alfred, Lloyd, Felix, Hugo, Charles, Rollo, Julian, Maurice, Rupert, Thomas, Vincent, Wilfred, Barnaby, Lesley, Gareth, Albert, Cecil, George, Clement, Edgar, Frederick, Cedric, Llewellyn, Henry, Ivan, Theodore, Oliver, Walter, Alistair, Basil, Guy, Sam, Cassidy, Shea, James, Cyril, Fergus, Geoffrey, Neville, Victor, Beau

BQ: What would you name 10 children using any names?

Matilda Annabel
Eloise Maeve
Audrey Imogen
Josephine Amelia “Josie”
Fiona Gwendolen “Fia”
Ivy Eleanor
Lillan Isolde “Lily”
Selina Olive
Adelaide Ruby “Addy”
Eve Felicity “Evie”

Julian Frederick “Jude”
Thomas Jonah “Tommy”
George Vincent
Cedric Quinn
Henry Charles
Theodore Edgar “Theo”
Oliver William “Ollie”
Sam Hugo
James Alistair
Victor Basil

Naomi Lillian
Honour Iris
Audrey Maeve
Amelia Josephine
Ruby Margaret

William Julian
Oliver Henry
Shea Cassidy
Ronan Charles
Edmund Fergus

Isolde Clementine
Eve Theodora
Florence Henrietta
Adelaide Ruby
Gwendolyn Audrey

Julian Basil
Cassidiy Charles
August Theodore
Thomas Alistair
Oliver Henry

1. Georgina Eve
2. Victoria Amelia
3. Imogen Theodora
4. Annabel Honour
5. Ivy Audrey

1. Oliver Beau
2. Vincent Shea
3. William Guy
4. Theodore Julian
5. James Bryn

Isolde Florence
Freya Eve
Matilda Ivy
Olive Bronwen
Annabel Iris
Felix Hugo
Henry Beau
Theodore Quinn “Teddy”
August Charles
Darcy Julian

Audrey Tara
Petra Cecily
Helen Rosina
Eve Lillian
Gretchen Victoria

Rowan William
Julian Thomas
Garrett Quinn
Sam Ronan
Shea Vincent

Louisa Eve
Naomi Florence
Eloise Freya
Gretchen Eleanor
Amelia Bronwen

Julian August
Felix Vincent
James Walter
Darcy Quinn
Gareth Oliver

Louise Harriett
Naomi Blaire
Evelyn Beth
Vivienne Claire
Lydia Jacqueline

Jude Ciaran
Ian Zane
Julian Lee
Taliesin Ryder
Ethan Vince

Annabel Iris
Eloise Olive
Imogen Eleanor
Ivy Vicotria
Matilda Rosina

Rowan Sam
James August
Oliver Vincent
Thomas George
Henry Ivan

Victoria Olive
Edith Theodora
Gwendolen Iris
Adelaide Lilian
Selina Olive
Jonah Alfred
Sam James
Theodore Oliver
August Lucian
William Quinn

Ruby Siobhan
Matilda Margaret
Eleanor Clementine
Annabel Naomi
Maeve Imogen

Beau Henry
Darcy Edmund
Charles Rowan
Theodore Jonah
James Fergus

Ruby, Tilly, El, Annie, Mae, Beau, Darcy, Charlie, TJ & Jay

1) Cecily Honour
2) Petra Julia
3) Ruby Margaret
4) Eleanor Naomi
5) Adelaide Clementine
6) Theodore Jonah
7) Rowan Cecil
8) Oliver William
9) Lucian James
10) Henry Jonah

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