what nba player had the most brains on the court?

what nba player ever has/had the most brains on the court?

Bill Russel u don’t win 11 championships without brains

Legacy goes by how many Championships a player has won. In Lebron’s case its NONE. 7 years in the league and he hasn’t come close really. OK, that year against the SPURS was a FLUKE and that’s why they got swept! Cavs would’ve gotten swept last year by Magic if it weren’t for Lebron’s miracle shot. Lebron needs to be taking notes this very minute of what’s happening on the west coast. That’s right, he needs to be taking notes from Kobe Bryant. The real MVP here. Take notes on how it’s done with a broken finger in the shooting hand, injured knee and a sore ankle and still elevate on TOP of his game to AVG 32.2 and 53% shooting against the JAZZ and now the high powered Suns. I don’t want to see that same old clip of Lebron clinching his elbow every time the camera is on him and shoot the LAST free-throw with his left hand, just to give the media something to think and talk about. Sure Lebron is fast and he can jump out of the building but is he winning RINGS?? Kobe did it with 2 entirely different rosters. Sure Kobe struggled in the post Shaq era but all he needed was 1 consistent guy to help him out and the Lakers made it happen and there you go, 3 straight trips to the NBA finals (they are going this year) and a chance for a back to back. Lebrons team had the best record in the league for 2 years straight and that is NOT a fluke. It happens when you have a legit team in the NBA and then come playoff time they just fizzle off. How does a guy who is 6-8, 240-250lbs not post up his defenders?? I mean this guy has no POST UP GAME!! After 7 years in the NBA Kobe was a master at the footwork and fade away mid range jumpers. Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant. Notice it’s not “King Kobe” or “Greatest Player Ever Bryant.” Kobe has his nicknames, but none are nearly as narcissistic as “King James.” Yet Bryant has proven to be, time and time again, this NBA era’s gold (and purple) standard. He has four championships to his credit with entirely different casts of players around him, he’s always near the top of the league in scoring, but more importantly he raises the level of play of his entire team when he steps on the floor. In those ways, Bryant is very much like Michael Jordan of the previous era, though his game is entirely his own and does not warrant a “next Michael Jordan” label. LeBron may have won back-to-back MVP’s, but Kobe Bryant has been the best player on the planet for the better part of the last decade, with only Tim Duncan qualified to insert himself into that discussion. Lebrons jumper is very streaky, its either long range shots or drive ins and when those TWO are taken away he is just frustrated. I don’t hear that argue about, look at his assists and look at his rebounds. He is 6-8, he better grab from freaking rebounds. The Cavs offense is funneled thru Lebron where he SETS UP the offense and he is surrounded by shooters. The triangle offense is a shoot when the opportunity opens up or when Kobe has single coverage. Lebron needs to take notes on the FOOTWORK and how to WILL a team to win.

during the finals Marc Jackson was telling a story about playing the bulls and a player on his team was out of position and Jordan told the player where he needed to be, his point was the Jordan understood the game so well and was so prepared that he knew exactly what the other team was doing or trying to do. He was also making the point that Kobe does the same thing now for the Lakers.

Jordan was Kobe is!

It’s between Lebron Raymone James and Dwayne Tyrone Wade jr.

Tim Duncan. He finished 4 years of college before going to the NBA and he always plays the game with respect.

Bob Cousy no doubt. The point guard of the Russell Celtics.

Kobe Bryant hands down.

CP3 has the best basic understanding of the game, but Kobe goes really deep.

Tim Duncan and Lebron James both have very high basketball IQs.

ummm… im a huge Celtics fan…..but i dont think that rajon rondo fits this category one bit..i love the guy and think he’;s an amazing basketball player..but he doesnt seem like the smartest of guiys….

John Stocton, he had to think fast to dish it off so many times. that is why he is the all time leader in assists.

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