what can i do to prevent rodents (rats) from getting up inside my car and chewing wires? It has happened twice?

I’ve had this car since June 09. In December my car wouldn’t start and I had it towed.. Rodent chewed wire. Costs me almost $500. Well it just happened again. Before I get rid of the car all together, is there anything else I can do to keep them away???

Box of Laundry soap.

Sprinkle it on everything enough to make the surface white.

Rats & Mice can’t stand soap of any kind.

You ever see them chew into a box, didn’t think so.

Sprinkle it around the wheels as well, engine bay, glove box, and do plug the exhaust pipe with steel wool.

Same as air cleaner inlet snoot.
They will turn airbox onto condo of corn.

Lift rear seats, and coat the area, same in the trunk.

Now you don’t have to worry about poisoning pets.

We see automobiles and autos on a weekly foundation that have rat or field mice injury to the wiring and the main ordinary project is that the vehicle will take a seat for days or even weeks between use and the rodents will chew the wiring to the Injectors etc.. in line with possibility extra common use of the vehicle or beginning the engine extra usually will deter the rodents to a undeniable degree. I see no harm in putting a number of green assets you ought to purchase on your engine compartment and that they are going to feed on it and then pass to the super rat nest interior the sky!

Put a jar lid full of Poison Peanuts ( a for real product from your local hardware) under the hood somewhere where it can sit pretty easily. They eat it, they die. Stuff really works. I ridded my house of red squirrels with this stuff.

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