What are your thoughts on Ron Paul receiving only 89 seconds to speak at CBS s debate?

Santorum and Huntsman who poll at 1% or less even got more time to speak!!!

In CBS’ Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy… Ron Paul,

The frontrunner receiving donations from more individuals than any other
Was given 89 seconds in a 1 hour debate.

The frontrunner with more straw poll wins than any other
Was given 89 seconds in a 1 hour debate.

The frontrunner receiving more donations from active military than all others combined
Was given 89 seconds in a 1 hour debate.

The only frontrunner aligned with the 63% of Americans opposing the wars
Was given 89 seconds in a 1 hour debate.

The frontrunner on the US House of Reps Committee on Foreign Affairs
Was given 89 seconds in a 1 hour debate.

The frontrunner whose platform is most closely aligned with historical Republican ideals
Was given 89 seconds in a 1 hour debate.

The frontrunner receiving the loudest audience applause at the debate,
Was given only 89 seconds to speak.


The media doesn’t find Ron Paul interesting which is sad, he would be the only conservative I would vote for.

RE: “What are they trying to hide”

Ron Paul doesn’t represent corporatism, he doesn’t talk about tax breaks, he’s against wars in the Middle East. So to most conservatives he isn’t a good choice. Ron Paul’s problem is that he speaks a truth that hurts most Republican, and that is the type of President we need.

We’ve all learned by now what and who the main stream media agendas are supporting. It’s a simple matter of status quo politicking that the majority of the media are not even ashamed of hiding any more. I’m surprised he even got 89 seconds from CBS. It’s bullshit, but it’s been going on since Lincoln and I’m sure it won’t stop no matter how much we complain about it.

Nevertheless, Ron Paul’s actual support base will be seen and heard once the Primaries and Caucuses commence, God willing. If people are truly tired of perpetual wars and really want peace, then I imagine they’ll come out of the woodwork to support Paul, no matter their affiliations.

Every person should have been asked the same question then given the same amount of time to answer.
That would have been the fair and proper way-but then again, our media is bought, they have become pathetic.
Ron Paul’s only hope is that Cain, Romney and Perry burn out like shooting stars-which it looks like that is happening.
Quite frankly, even though I do not agree with him 100%-he’s the only hope this country has on the slate if we want to survive as a country.
He’s got my vote.

In 89 seconds, Paul can convince most reasonable people that he would be a better President than Mr. Obama has been in the last 34 months.

LOL! Yup, that is a conspiracy….basically like Googly-Eyes Bachmann being snubbed by way of CBS, Newt being “lit to make him look previous”, and Rick health center being ‘intentionally placed on the left, as though to distort his place’… right this is the fact, Sunshine; the GOP have screwed themselves by way of using all the sane conservatives out of their celebration….all they have left is wack-jobs & nut-situations…possibly it is going to “pop out” years from now that theis entire CROP of GOP applicants have been quite being paid to run by way of OBAMA….I, for one, does no longer be all that shocked!

I’m hard-pressed to remember when CBS has shown Libertarianism in a good light at any time. Must less when it can be so easily explained by Dr. Paul

Rather than listen to someone with specific ideas grounded in sound ideology, they’d rather listen to the ones who sit their and attack each other. The party doesn’t want to know how to return to limited self-government, but what they think of each other.

It’s unfortunate, and the reason I gave up my party membership 16 years ago and haven’t voted for their nominee since.

Ah, there’s about 12 more debates. Boring stuff. Nobody knows what to do about nothing. Less is better.

The corporate media and the republican establishment is shoving Mitt Romney down your throat. Question is – are you going to relax, or gag?

Just more proof of the liberal media bias. They are pushing for the weakest and most liberal-leaning Republican candidate. Journalism is dead. These idiots just push their agenda. There is no more reporting in the mainstream media.


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