True or False: Tigers miss the playoffs?

Even as a Tigers fan I say they miss the playoffs.

Way True. The Tigers are pretty bad and the White Sox are unbeatable. Tigers have been in slumps this year they will miss the WC by 4 games give or take. They will also finish in 3rd.

There pitching is not doing as good as expected. Verlander is doing worse than last year. Anibal Sanchez is an alright player. Doug Fister hasnt been doing great. Max Scherzer is god awful with an era over 5.00 and Drew Smyly is in a slump.

The hitting is pretty good. They have Fielder who to me is a bit overrated. Cabrera is great but grounds out into too much DP’s with 20. Austin Jackson is a great hitter in my mind but thats all they have to hit well. Newly Required Omar Infante isnt a great player. He’s alright.

Fielding is the worst in the MLB. Austin Jackson is the only good fielder. Also, the Infield can’t field for there life.

Overall The Tigers won’t be making it to the playoffs.

False. There is still 2 months left in baseball. We are one series away from taking the lead. The Tigres are an extremely talented team. They have much better players than the White Sox, and no one could deny that. The Tigers have struggled on this road trip. Once they come home, they will be fine.

white sox are good
tigers can’t beat the indians
and the only team coming out of the central is the winner. the white sox.

True…..they have no true No.2 pitcher….take last night when Verlander imploded, you have a 5 day wait to see him again….so many things can happen on the non pitching days.

False. The dominant pitching staff, along with the hitting will lead them past the White Sox. There’s two months left. Don’t start debating this yet.



True, I don’t see them doing it.

True they are overrated

It’s possible.

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