The *war* against illegal immigration can t be won without the the federal government. Do you agree?

Whether you’re for it or against it, one thing remains a fact. No matter how much you protest it, no matter how many minutemen organizations go to the boarders, no matter what you do, the fight against illegal immigration can’t be won without the help of the federal government. IT JUST CANT! And when I say federal government, it’s not a shot at Bush, it’s against any US administration for the past 30 years. Whether the president was a liberal, or a neo-conservative, or a socialist, IT DOES NOT MATTER. Reagan didn’t stop it, Bush Sr. didn’t stop it, Clinton didn’t stop it and Bush Jr. isn’t doing anything realistic to stop it today. The feds are completely oblivious (or pretend to be) to illegal immigration. They haven’t done done anything. If you know the US enough, you know the golden rule. And that is that nothing can happen if the federal gov’t doesn’t help. So, inorder for any action to be effective, the gov’t needs to take part in it.

Do you agree with this statement?

Ha, the government just knows something that most do not. The government secretly supports illegal immigration. They need immigrants, they feed off them. The secret is they run the US. The government will deny it, but they know better. Who else to do your dirty work? Who killed Kennedy? Who was responsible for the Roswell landing? Who makes America billions? Who’s going to make a 7 trillion dollar deficit disappear? Who blew up the Hindenburg? Who is going to win the war on drugs? Is there really a war on drugs? Too many question to answer. Who has all the answers? The Immigrants!

You are right the Feds would have to stop it but wrong that they are oblivious to it. “If you know the US enough, you know the golden rule. And that is that nothing can happen if the federal gov’t doesn’t help. So, inorder for any action to be effective, the gov’t needs to take part in it.”

The US government and this administration are working, as we speak, on the NAFTA Superhighway. Quietly but systematically, the Bush Administration is advancing the plan to build a huge NAFTA Super Highway, four football-fields-wide, through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, Tex., to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minn.
The details of the NAFTA Super Highway are hidden in plan view. Still, Bush has not given speeches to bring the NAFTA Super Highway plans to the full attention of the American public. Missing in the move toward creating a North American Union is the robust public debate that preceded the decision to form the European Union. All this may be for calculated political reasons on the part of the Bush Administration. You’ll see talk of the new currency, the Amero.

The funny part here is that these articles were written by a highly right-wing guy(of swift boat anti-Kerry fame) who now realizes he was fooled too.

bush has a plan, he’s trying to drive the wages in America down so far that Mexican won’t want to come here and work..Whoever said the solution lies in the employer, is right, if it was a jail-able offense to hire illegals, the employers might come up with a more accurate screening process, and if it was illegal to supply non-citizens with mortgage loans or rental agreements, they could not afford to settle here

Remember the Alamo is a Texas thing the rest of the county just does not understand

It has to require the federal government. But not as soldiers to guard the boarders. they need to arrest those who hire them and it wlll soon stop.

it seems the federal gov is actually hurting the results of people like the minutemen. instead of giving immunity to illegals, they need to identify them, deport them, or make it so they DON’T want to come to America. I guarantee you if we illegally immigrated to Mexico, they would imprison us and treat us like dirt, or execute us.

It certainly requires enforcement.

The federal government certainly should be doing a lot more of that.

Is that what you meant?

Well.. I guess this is how the American Indians felt when we took over their land.

when was this war declared? they declared war at christmas time, how very unchristian of them.

I don’t see it as a war.

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