poll poll poll poll Your are swimming and your ____?

poll poll poll poll Your are swimming and your ____?
Your are swimming and your ____?
your are swimming and your ____?
suit falls off

That happened to my friend when we were in Germany. We were 15, on a school skiing holiday, at the swimming pool we’d visited, we’d been down the water slide together and when we stood up, her bikini top had come completely off, and she screamed and I automatically covered her boobs up with my hands! lol it was all I could think to do.

oh we did laugh…..

Ops …
Time to skinny dip!

its okay it was time to go skinny dipping anyways [:

pull it back on as fast as i could

id take my top off too


and i keep swimming…

yay!! skinny dipping babyy!!!

I pull it back on

Tampon falls out.

Im so inappropriate.


Pull it back on and keep on SWIMMIN’ :]

I’ll put it back on.

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