poll: john cena, triple h, or the hardys?

well i would say triple h is hott
john cena nott sorry
the hardys SEXY

Triple H is the hottest old dude..ferreal. =D lol.
John Cena..he’s got a weird head..but he’s body is HOTT HOTT HOTTTTTTT.
& the hardy’s kinda have that dangerous sexy thing going on..[in the words of Ric Flair]

haha =)

I think they are going to have to book that match somewhere down the line he’s willing to participate in the match whether he jobs to The Undertaker or if he did end the winning streak that ultimately would be up to them. I personally do want to see that match this year I believed I answered this question before all pay per view buy rates are going down and they even gave away tickets to Wrestlemania 26 hey some people just can’t afford to pay those high ticket prices for WM seat they are very expensive and at prices to be there live its cheaper ordering a pay per view of Wrestlemania where a entire group of friends can sit down and watch the event together over a few beers and some pizza. Whatever the scenario may be this is a match that wrestling fans want to see. This is equivalent to Andre The Giant (R.I.P.) vs. Hulk Hogan and almost close to Stone Cold vs. The Rock if you consider the streak on the line. This is better than booking Ted DiBiase Jr. who’s been saying he wants to retire The Undertaker at Wrestlemania that’s ridiculous. They are going to have to book this match if they expect to sell out Georgia Dome. I think you bring up a good point there buddy. This year Wrestlemania 26 didn’t sell out due to the card itself and they gave away some tickets to Wrestemania and the most watched Wrestlemania 23 was in 2007 the main event was Shawn Michaels vs John Cena I think with what they are doing now with all of these new pay per view concepts they would have to do that if they want to improve on their buy rates. I mean who else could they match up with The Undertaker? CM Punk, Christian, Chris Jericho, Kane 3, Randy Orton 2, Edge 2 or Jack Swagger that is a match that everyone would want to see John Cena (Superman) vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27? I mean come on if John Cena jobbed to JBL at The Bash in 2008 in their parking lot brawl and the way John Bradshaw Layfield disgracefully retired back at Wrestlemania 25 in 2009 surely John Cena won’t end it the Streak.

Wrestling is not about hotness but in talent Trips owns the Hardyz and Cena since those three are very limited in the skill department

Definetly the Hardys

Triple H: not hott!
John Cena: DEAD SEXY!
The Hardyz: DEAD SEXY!

in hotness, or talent????
in talent, hardys and hhh are tied.
john cena is pretty good too, but he comes in second.
in hottness:john cena, the hardys, and then hhh, but for his age, thats HOTTT!!

hardys cuz they are sexy i like em so much more than anyone


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