POLL, Have you ever suffered from poison ivy ?

No, just poison Lucy on here lol. Cracking tune, I had forgotten who sang that 🙂

As a male, I hate shirts that’s scratchy and can’t even absorb sweat. It’s just like wearing plastic. I also hate most jeans because they are so tight, heavy, uncomfortable, and restrict my movement. Particularly when I use tight belt too, every time I have flatulence or diarrhea, the effect becomes greater 🙁

Nice tune!, young looking Kid J, .Yes, we did suffer from a poison Ivy, but the wife told her off!….End of story!….

Many times I’ve about scratched myself to death, but I’ve noticed that it’s not as bad since I’ve became older. Maybe my body is getting adjusted over the years since I spend a lot of time outdoors.

No, I’d rather not suffer threw “Poison Ivy” 😛

No I never met her but have suffered a poisoned mother in law….lol

Not that kind of poison ivy.

poison Ivy does not grew in my country yipee!

Thankfully not Anni.

Just nettle stings they are bad enough.

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