Now that Syria has crossed the red line Obama set by using chemical weapons, what will Obama do about it?

The White House confirmed Thursday that intelligence reports indicate “with varying degrees of confidence” that the Syrian regime has used the chemical weapon sarin, a possible sign that Syria has crossed President Barack Obama‘s “red line” that would change U.S. policy towards the war-torn country.

Seven Times The White House Discussed The Syria Red Line

So will Obama actually do something about it or just sit back and read his teleprompter

Tread a lot more carefully than Bush did. It was almost humorous when in the middle of President Obama speaking at Bush’s library dedication, the intelligence reports came in on Syria. Bush taught us that we should not rely on intelligence reports alone when considering going to war. President Obama certainly doesn’t want to repeat Bush’s mistakes.

Speaking of humorous, Romney said Syria is Iran’s route to the sea. That is big news to Syria and Iran, since Iran has its own coastline.


Nothing and this should be apparent. We used r2p t invade Libya a country with no HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS* while at the same time Syria had killed over 4,000. Syria has been brutal because the Shite minority government has used an iron fist to crush any resistance and our own state department say so**.




It is interesting that this administrations destroyed the Sunni lead governments like Egypt and Libya. Even bush went after contained Iraq and when iran was at fault as far as “nuclear” things were concerned.

Dare we harm murdering Shite regime, I think not and all the saber rattling now is just for show as the Syrian government has killed about 62,000 that we know of and some say up to 100,000. I mean why would he get upset now. This is probably a sign that the Syrian government has wiped them out and will “act right” now. This way Obama is the “big hero” and up for another noble peace prize. Have a great decade!

Most probably will only do something reluctantly after being presented with the evidence.
Yesterday I heard Obama on the news saying that Israel was exaggerating their reports of Syria using chemical weapons and just brushed it off.
Today on the news I heard that other nations have evidence of this, so he should apologise to Israel for his mistake.

Mind your own business Americans, and DO NOT INVADE COUNTRIES. The American army used chemical weapons in 2003. Did you know that?? You only care about yourselves. SELFISH

Syria has not used chemical weapons. ******* president. Kids die because of your government and you think we are terrorists

thanks God, there are still some good Americans to live with

Nothing….he will draw another red line and call it diplomacy and accomplish nothing, after four years he is becoming very good at avoiding and blaming!

Guess we found where Saddam Hussein hid the Sarin gas.

The WH said that intelligence isn’t enough. So at this point…nothing.

The same thing we did in Libya and Egypt. The same thing the conservatives complained about and now pretend never happened.

He will parachute in George Bush and Dick Cheney with their commando team.

Syria who? Man, we have gay marriage and illegal immigrants to legalize, we’ve got no time to deal with real issues….

There is NO definitive proof.

Read the link YOU provided.

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