Left my husband last night, will he call?

We have been fighting for a while now and I just got fed up and had my brother pick me up to stay at my moms house..When I left my husband told me it wouldn’t faze him..To add to the matters I’m 10 weeks pregnant and he doesn’t seem to care about me leaving. Will he call? I dont want to call just because I dont want to start a fight, but how long do people take to call someone after they left?

Give him time to cool off…sounds like you had a pretty heavy fight. Hopefully he will call…but it does not sound like he’s in that much of a rush to patch things up.

Concentrate on yourself and that little baby inside you. Take care.

No he wont call…Good luck

he may or may not call…..the real question is why would you care if he didn’t

i wouldn’t .

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