Jehovah’s Witnesses: If the Watchtower said you could transfuse your OWN blood, would you accept that ruling?

I’m wondering because when the issue of blood transfusions is brought up, Jehovah’s Witnesses defend the prohibition based on Bible texts alone. In other words, no JW says that the reason we can’t have transfusions is simply that the governing told us not to.

However, the governing body has been in the process (over time) of allowing more and more blood components and procedures similar to transfusions such as kidney dialysis. There is no reason to think that the governing body will not continue making exceptions to the blood rule. It has done so in the past and will continue to do this into the future.

So let’s suppose that you answer: If the governing body announced that its’ OK to store my own blood for a transfusion, then I would accept that “new light.” In this case, would you agree that your doctrinal stance on the issue has a lot more to do with the rulings and edicts of the faithful discreet servant class than it does on a firm understanding of scripture?

On the other hand, let’s suppose that you can say with certainty that you would oppose the governing body if it allowed transfusions of a patient’s own blood. If that is what you would do, then you are basing your doctrines on the Bible alone.

So which is it? When it comes to accepting blood transfusions, would you obey the Bible over fallible (imperfect) men? Or would you follow the ruling of the governing body even if you did not think their ruling was supported by scripture?

I’ve also wondered if they can take plasma….

We don’t accept any procedure that involves storing of blood. Blood that has left the body should be poured out on the ground. That is how it was done in Bible tiems. Some witnesses have allowed an extension of their own circular system in the respect of blood bled out, filtered (as in dialysis) allowing a machine to do the work that the kidneys would normally do and then immediately returned to one’s own body. This is a conscience decision. However there is something you may not know. Blood that is stored loses some aspects of its life giving properties. Putting stored blood back into the body is actually hard on the body. A sick person would often be better off without that extra stress. Of course our decisions on blood are not made based on health, but on obedience to God’s commands. Never the less we do recognize that God gave many commands to the Jews that made them a healthier nation. They may not have understood the reasons for the laws he gave, but by following them they were much better off than the nations around them. We too are much better off. No JW has contracted AIDS or HIV or Hepatitis from a blood transfusion. We trust that HE knows what he is doing and so far he hasn’t been wrong.

“Abstain means that we should avoid eating meat that has a definite, visible amount of excessive blood. That’s and OT health regulation that NT believers accepted as a means of compermise with the hard-line Jewish believers.”

The Greek word for “abstain” has absolutely no connection with eating. The same word is used for fornication, which is not eaten. The sense of the word is “to keep away from.” This would include both eating blood and blood transfusions.

“That’s and OT health regulation that NT believers accepted as a means of compermise with the hard-line Jewish believers.”

That is 100% speculation on your part and on the part of others who have said that before. It has no biblical basis. Since the restriction on blood pre-dated the Mosaic Law, and was given to ALL mankind through Noah – coupled with the fact that both Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians were told independently of each other to abstain from blood – we can be sure that God really really means what he said: that we abstain from blood.

Since it is possible these days to make a copy of most things and change them to suit yourself, I would say the publication that would say that is not true information as the Bible never condones this. IDs can be forged. So can newspapers and magazines. Changing photos are very easy today. I saw yesterday a photo showing Miley Cyrus smoking. Then an original photo was shown that showed a woman standing next to her was doing the smoking as it was the other woman’s hand in the real photo. So all manner of things can be forgeries.

Today too we understand that basic things break down to simpler compounds. Your old skin and dandruf will eventually wind up as grass on the lawn. Blood breaks down as well. The Bible’s prohibition on blood required Israel to drain the blood of animals as much as possible. We know today that not every molecule can be removed from any animal we eat.

Removal of every molecule was never the point of God’s Laws. It was respect for the blood and what it meant to Jehovah, not accepting whole blood under any circumstances. This was true when Noah was first given permission to eat meat in Genesis 9:3-5. In the Mosaic Law. At the beginning of Christian commands at Acts 15:20, 29. So important they wrote it twice!

So all of us, including the Governing Body, base our doctrines solely on the Bible. The same cannot be said for other religions claiming to be Christians.

Hello Scott – no it wasn’t just a dietary requirement to abstain from blood. You have to realize that Jehovah God views blood as sacred – In the Bible, the soul is said to be in the blood because blood is so intimately involved in the life processes. God’s Word says: “For the soul of the flesh is in the blood, and I myself have put it upon the altar for you to make atonement for your souls, because it is the blood that makes atonement by the soul in it.” (Le 17:11) For like reason, but making the connection even more direct, the Bible says: “The soul of every sort of flesh is its blood.” (Le 17:14) Clearly, then, God’s word treats both life and blood as sacred: blood atones for sin (animal blood in ancient Israel) and then Jesus Christ’s shed blood being the ultimate, permanent atonement for sin.

Also, say in the instance of blood being removed from the body and stored for say a planned surgery, even your own blood, then Jehovah’s word that states that any such blood has to be poured out onto the ground and so in effect returned back to Him will apply. Therefore the small group of Jehovah’s Witnesses out of the remaining ones of the anointed still left on the earth who make up the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses would never go against the Bible’s dictate that blood that has completely left the body must be poured out onto the ground and so therefore we would never be asked by them to accept a transfusion of our own stored blood. And by the way the Governing Body does exactly the same as any other Jehovah’s Witness does, non are different from the other in any matter, just that one group has the heavenly hope and one group the earthly hope.

I hope this has helped to answer your question.

You say “If the Watchtower said …”

When will you get it Rustic that we follow the Bible?

Yes, our organization directs our attention to the scriptures etc, but when the scripture says “abstain from blood..”.. that’s exactly what it means… from blood… ANY blood.

The governing body don’t make rulings over scripture.
All our beliefs are supported by scripture.

It would not change the basic reason Jehovah’s Witnesses do not accept blood transfusions.

Abstain from blood means what to you?

Does ‘watchtower’ support offering blood drives for its own members to be saved in case of emergencies?

All things were created for Him and through Him and by Him and by His Word they have maintenance and are sustained is written. We know that things are good when used properly for all things may be with received with thanksgiving for they may become consecrated by The Word of God and Prayer and to the pure at heart who are Blessed of The Kingdom all things are pure for if The Light within ones eyes is good, their whole tabernacle will be filled with Light. Creatures in Heaven full of eyes is written of The Kingdom of God.

Acts 15:28,29 does not say “Abstain from foreign blood”

It says “Abstain from blood”

That means from ALL blood.

What’s so hard to understand?

I think that the JW are a cult who teaches nothing but lies ,and they have predicted the end of the world so many times that I think that they are just a group of of people who are not so mentally developed as the rest of us.Just a bunch of people who’s Religious devotion that rises no higher than the lower emotional and the lower astral planes.

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