Is the &quot:Great Value&quot: Walmart brand of cheddar cheese cruelty-free?

By cruelty-free, I mean no animal testing, abuse, and/or added hormones and chemicals.

No cheese is cruelty free

It’s cheese free.

First of all, cruelty free is not a term applied to food. Its applied to cosmetics and other things we buy that may be tested on animals. I don’t think cheese is tested on animals.

but except for Maybe the gowshala and some cheese producing convents, no diary product is “cruelty free”. the cows are kept pregnant, and then worn out, then slaughtered for pet food. A normal cow can live up to 20 years. Dairy farms rarely have an animal over 5 years. Female calves routinely replace their mothers. Males cows are frequently slaughtered for veal.

Dairy cows are rarely “free range”. I think the latest info i got is that over 80% of dairy comes from farms that have over 1000 animals and the cows are kept mostly indoors and fed special dairy cow feed (made by purina). the feed has all kinds of “un-natural” additives. and is not really what cows would eat anyway. Their feed is supplemented with the same kinds of vitamins and minerals that we get, including calcium (the soil of the farms are depleted of calcium). Also unless its an organic farm ( does the cheese have the word organic on it?) then the cows are probably given steroids and hormones and antibiotics.
I know in some places rBGH and rBST (growth hormones) are prohibited. but most of the time you will see on the label if the dairy cows are hormone free. If the label doesn’t say so then you can almost rest assured the diary product contains one of these hormones.

Also, don’t even think that cheese is good for you. For each OUNCE of cheese you get 10% of the RDA of sodium, 30% of the RDA of Saturated fat. Something like 75% of the calories comes from fat (where the recommended ratio is 20%). Plus a nice dose of cholesterol.

great value cheddar cheese is made from milk purchased from dairy farms..are dairy farms cruel? that depends on YOUR opinion of them. As to chemicals and hormones, why would hormones be added to cheese and chemicals? Yes…salt is a chemical and is added to cheese.

“Cruelty free cheese”. That’s an interesting idea!

I don’t think that any cheese is tested on animals. The production of actual cheese doesn’t involve animals (apart from the people making it). There are no animals actually there to be “abused”. No sane person depending on milk production for their livlihood would “abuse” dairy cattle anyway. I wouldn’t expect hormones to be added to cheese but I wouldn’t be surprised if “chemicals” of some kind were used to produce or preserve the cheese. These should be listed in The ingredients.

how do we know

No, the closest thing you can get to cruelty free is from an indian gowshala, they do not kill the cows no matter what, and you can go inside and see the cows and spend some time with them, try an ISKON gowshala

I would assume so.

Walmart is so vast that they can probably afford to avoid controversy whilst still keeping prices low.

I’ve heard McDonald’s requires their beef only be sourced from certain places, yet the food is still cheap.

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