Is being a black person not only physical, but a state of mind?

There are many black people that i don’t claim as black, like
Condi Rice
Clarance Thomas
Tiger Woods
and others
Not because of their genetic makeup, but because of their mentality

My friend/adviser is a little lighter than Judge Sotomayor and she claims black, she was in the Black Panther Party in the 60’s and her 2nd job is going into the black communities and advancing our people.
She’s helped me through a lot, so i would consider her black, even though she doesn’t look it, but it’s because she says she is black, and she shows it, she has the mentality of a black person. Me and her think alot alike, she says i remind her of how she was when she was younger.

Without doubt, yes. It will sound funny but I have actually met one white person who was black based on her mind state. She was my Philosophy & Ethics teacher. She didn’t act thugged out or anything like that, her reality was just that that I see in the nurturing black woman, she was sort of Afrocentric, very spiritual, giving, and motherly. Full of wisdom, loved black culture but she wasn’t a wigger. There was no “ghetto” involved, that’s all people seem to equate with black.

That’s stupid. There are blacks all over the world and I GUARANTEE you we don’t all have the same mentality. They vary from nation to nation, upbringing to upbringing, from individual to individual. You’re really twisted…and confused. Black just means belonging to the ******* race. That’s it.

You can’t think your way black.


They always say Bill Clinton was the first black president. Last time I checked he was a white dude.

Black is black

It is a physical and genetic thing. One might not be socially black but they are black because of their genetics.

I am black but dont look it, so what, I am genetically black. I dont have to think like the majority of blacks to be black.

Are nigerians black? They think different than afro americans and are very successful and have the highest rate of college completion, are they still black?

EDIT: i just noticed how listed highly succesful blacks as nonblacks. Just because they dont advocate gang violence like Curtis 50 Cent Jackson or dipset doesnt mean they are not black. You are ignorant.
Get over it. We all dont have to be in the black panther party or listen to rap music and play basketball to be black.

This is really hard to answer. But you can’t talk black or be black you know what I mean? It’s just you. Sorry if you don’t get what I mean.

Why don’t you try being a person, instead of being a black person?

… I certainly don’t go around spouting out how great my race is, how powerful and strong and so much better we are… that would make me a racist, wouldn’t it?

Why must you make yourself seem like you’re a different species entirely? YOU ARE A HUMAN, I AM A HUMAN. Stop categorizing yourself in these stupid f*cking color-coded groups.

Ummm you are still black no matter how your mentality is.

Are you saying that black people should all think and act the same?

This makes no sense.

That doesn’t make any sense, changing the way you think doesn’t change your ethnicity . We are all different , just because I’m black doesn’t mean I’m the same as every other black person

Black is when you are born from Black parents. State of mind thing was invented by White skin mullatos who had an identity crisis since they were being rejected by real Blacks.

No. There is no mentality associated with race. It’s just stupid to think so.

My state of mind isn’t similar to other black people so I disagree.
My mentality also isn’t similar to other black people. Everyone has their own individual way of thinking.

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