In the countries where gay marriages are legalized, have the Christian slippery slope predictions come true?

Here is a list of all the countries with gay marriage:

South Africa
The Netherlands

Things like people will want to marry their dog and people will demand to legalize child marriages? Did those happen in these countries?

You forgot the U.K, except in church of England churches.

Anyway, none of the predictions came true anywhere. Although, due to the nature of american culture, it wouldn’t surprise me if you guys are the 1st.

Do we give any of them money? Maybe we should force the countries in the Middle East to go gay so that we don’t have to give them money anymore. The money we give them seems to just be used to watch youtube videos and kill people over youtube videos.

Nope! Because saying that “gay marriage will lead to man-dog marriage,” is basically like saying that “eating beef will lead to eating humans.”

It rained frogs in Spain:…

Soon the locusts will come.


I am in agreement with you. Children should be in families that want them.

divorce and adultery are still legal

True but there still is judgement day hanging out there.

Slippery slope? That’s racist

not at all


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