If GOD is one , why do we classified him and divided him into Religions? so do you believed that God is one?

Do God really exist or it just a fiction of man’s imagination!!!!

Please read my words carefully:
If you see footmark in the sand, you’ll say that someone passed from here…
If you see a piece of dog sh*t on the ground, you’ll say that a dog passed from here…
So what about the enormous universe, the sky, stars, planets, earth and all the beauty in it, doesn’t it lead to that someone made it?!!!

Some people say that everything is created by itself after the big-bang… I won’t ask you about what caused the big-bang, but I’ll ask you a simple question:
If you take all the letters of the alphabet, multiples of them, and you threw them randomly on the floor. Do you expect (by a chance of one in infinity) to get a poem like shakespear’s??!!

Can’t you see how organized our universe is, the planets, the eco-system on earth, look even in your own body… Can you control your heart-beat? Can you control your breath while you’re sleeping? Who stopped your eye-lashes from growing after reaching a certain length? Who told the baby turtles to move towards the sea and not to the earth after they come out of their eggs? Who taught the bird how to make nests?

My friend, think with your heart and brain. If you’re still lost, think about the following:

Do you know how to play safe?
Non-believer’s case:
If there’s no God and you do all what you want in life, then nothing will happen to you after life. But if there was God and you were mistaken, then you’ll blame yourself FOREVER…

Believer’s case:
If there’s God and I followed His commands in life, then I’ll be in Heaven after life FOREVER. But if there was no God and we’re mistaken, then nothing bad will happen to us after life…

Now you know how to play-safe, in case you’re not convinced?

the Muslims say ‘there is no God but God’ but Christians believe in the Holy Trinity – Father. Son and Holy Spirit, while the Jews do not entertain either. The Hindus worship many Gods. A number of others worship various Holy Men who graced the earth at some time in the past. A number of Africans and people of other countries worship spirits and the list goes on and on as to man’s spiritual life. Get yourself “The World’s Great Religions” and other good literature on this facinating subject. Man’s capacity for worship is universally fastidious.

GOD exists. In the Bible it says GOD is the alpha and omega. The begining and the end. The first and the last He is one. There are different religions because man cannot make up their minds.In the Bible which different classifications use the same version, they perceive it differently. It is okay to have a religion that believes in GOD But, to put down someone else’s beliefs because they differ from your own is wrong. Read the Bible yourself and ask GOD to help understand His Will adn He will grant you the serenity to change the things you can, accept the things you cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference GOD Bless

There are so many people that believe so many different things. My religion believes that there is one god with many names. These names were given by followers in many differnt countries and many different religions.

I believe in God, however, I believe that the bible was something created by man to suite mans needs and beliefs at the time. As it was re-written, things were written in to guide and control the masses.

My religion pretty much says be a good person, do the right things, make the right choices.

During 1800s, Anthropologists had a problem as to how
to classify human beings. One researcher proposed the
expression “intelligent animal”. After advanced studies
on monkeys, it was dropped. Another researcher proposed
“tool using animal”. After observing some animals
making wooden tools and sharpening them with knife like
stones, it was dropped. Another researcher proposed
“weapon using animal”. A decade ago, a rare film was
shot in African forests. One short monkey was hit very
badly by a big monkey. The short monkey prepared a
wooden knife using stones and hid it on the top of a
tree. After some days, when the big monkey came to
attack the short monkey, it ran up to the tree for the
weapon it has hid and killed the big monkey. The one
thing that the anthropologists found with any group of
human beings, even if they did not have contacts with
the out side world for thousands of years, is
spirituality with some form of religion. So, man is a
“spiritual animal” if you want to call him that way.

The Upanishads say that “Manush” (human) was so named
because he has “Manas” a mind higher than that of the
animals which realises the divinity in creation. It was
present since the creation of human beings. Religion is
the characteristic feature of most of the human beings.
It is as eternal and and as unchanging as the Almighty.
Disbelief by a few will not affect it.

Advaita Siddhantam says that the Atma (soul) present in
your body is a piece of Paramatma (infinite soul, Almighty).
Almighty is eternal. Almighty is Omnipotent. Almighty
is infinite. How can the finite see the infinite? It is
even difficult for the finite to understand the

If you have seen a program on African animals in any TV
channel, you must have observed that all of them look
alike, in shape and size. But, variety is the spice of
life for man. We are as different as our finger prints.
Since man has mind, he always tries a different
approach for the same aim. But, we all know that all
rivers join the same sea. In the same way, all
spiritual efforts finally provide the realization of
one Almighty.

Creator of universe is one and the same. People fail to identify and recognise him. Some believe in billions of gods and goddeses, who had married and even had pre/extra marital sexual relations, had fights/wars among themselves, had children and died. Some believe in three:: son, father and mother; and claim that the blood of their god’s son cleanseth all their sins, so don’t afraid of committing sins. Some believe in the One who was neither born nor anybody born to Him, is alone, none like him, created the universe, sent many messengers and revealed many books for guidance of people, gave a complete code of life to guide at all times, places, steps, as to how and how not to::: earn, spend, live, behave with others etc., defined good and bad, encouraged for good promising heaven and restrained from bad threatening of hell, yet the most merciful for those who regret, change themselves and give up evils.

God is always One. Take it the way you want, a supernatural force, or call it nature. God from any religion, be it Shiva, Jesus or Allah they are all the same. Our ancestors created such names so that it can bring man together, and not take him away from each other. Religion’s are like rivers they all start from various points, pass through various places touches everybody without looking at their sex, caste or creed and commonly empties into one big ocean. So is religion, various beliefs, various practises but ultimately reaches that supernatural force.

I believe that God is only one, and really exists. And to what i’ve been taught, Christianity is about an eternal relationship with Him. And as a Christian, i believe that there is only one God, who is the LORD our God.

God bless

I thinks humans have changed the words of god by all the rewrites ands language conversions. Their is only one true bible and the rest just inherited his words, and since us humans are capable of making errors, down the line I bet we changed or misinterpreted many things.

Logically their is a God because in science or with anything else. Nothing sets its self by its self.

God is not always “one”. There are many religions that do NOT have just one god. What about the ancient Greeks? MANY GODS. God is what everyone else has made him out to be.

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