If Donald Trump becomes POTUS, will all illegal aliens be deported?

Or maybe they will all self deport themselves, be cause they think he’s too racist. He has harsh words for illegal aliens and has no room for political correctness.

hell yes,

and i’m sure DT’s aware of Pres Eisenhower’s OperationWetback- which used self deportation to get most of the illegal aliens out

Not unless Trump’s willing to cut a check to ICE for about a billion dollars. The US doesn’t have the resources to deport all that are deportable.

Considering NO president has deported all illegal aliens, I doubt he would either. There is no realistic way to deport millions and millions of people at once.

Illegals are being deported now. Trump is the end result of appeal to the very worst of humanity.

In his defense, he has said that the first step is to secure the border and then deal with the issue of those who are here already. When you have a leak in a boat, you cap the hole first and then shovel out all of the water.

Realistically, there is no way 15 million illegals are going to be deported.

The Donald will sign an Executive Order banning menstruation.

He might encourage them to self deport. I think that would work better.

God Bless the Trump!

I`ll bet he`ll soften his views on the subject, you know, to get things done.

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