How to introduce a 9 month old dog to 8 year old and 4 year old resident cats?

We just got a dog, he is a beagle/spaniel mix and he is 9 months old. He can get pretty excitable at times because he is not fully settled (we’ve only had him for 4 days) and is trained a little bit, but won’t really listen when distracted quite yet. We have him enrolled in obedience classes that will start August 2nd.

Anyways, we have two cats who have lived in our house for most of their lives. We got Luke, the 8 year old cat, when he was about 1 and he was a stray from the humane society. Later we got a cat named Dewey and Luke and Dewey got along great after separation for a few weeks. Dewey was put down 2 years later after he became sick. Then we got Gabby, who we had for about a year, but had to give up because she was unhappy and anxious in our home. Though her and Luke loved to cuddle. Reese is our current cat, around 4 years old, I believe. He has never had another animal come into his home. Him and Luke aren’t best friends, but they get along.

How do I introduce this 9 month old beagle to my territorial cats? I don’t want them to be too stressed as this can cause health issues–especially Luke, the older one. Reese is hiding most of the time and it really makes me sad to see the cats so depressed. Any recommendations??

You need to have an area of the house where your cats can go that will be just theirs’; where the dog won’t be able to go. Eventually, your cats will become tolerant of the dog’s presence, though they will probably spend most of their time in ‘their’ area.

The older cats get, the less accepting they are of change, especially change that comes in the form of a hyper-active puppy.

I’ve seen kittens get along with older dogs.
I’ve seen kittens get along with puppies.
I’ve seen older cats get along with older, sedate dogs.

I’ve never seen an older cat get along with a puppy.

i think that you should put the puppy in a cage for a little while(where it is around the cats) for an hour or two. so the dog can get used to seeing the cats and not get to excited when they are around..then move him into another room so he isnt cooped up in the cage. do this 2 -3 times a day ..also the cats need to be able to smell the new puppy and get used to him being around their home.

the puppy will use the cats as chew toys so inrtoduce them through cages for right now

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