how do you get rid of sweaty armpits ?


after taking a shower use acotton swab with rubbing alcohol this helps to get rid of the odor bacteria under the arms then use your deodarant

daily shower (and always after exercise), anti-perspirent and a dusting of powder in the pits. If that does not take care of it, then check your diet or see your doctor to see if there is a prescription strength medicine that can help that.

Try wearing an undershirt, or deoderant. That should stop the sweat in getting the main shirt. Good Luck

dude sweet name Nick A and clinical strength deoderent

go to your doctor and he or she can perscribe this doe. called hypercare and you put it on two or three nights a week and no more sweating
its amazing=D

sit in the dry sauna

don’t buy clinical strength by secret doesn’t work try botox

use antiperspirant in the mornin

antipersperant [sp]

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