does the size of my RAM affect my internet connection?

No. It can affect the speed of your web browser though, and any other programs you use on the computer. My own personal advice:

1 GB for windows xp

2 GB for windows Vista

the least confusing thank you to describe that’s which you prefer a stressful tension to maintain coaching, like photos, song, and the archives to programmes and video games. in spite of the undeniable fact that, you prefer memory (RAM) to surely run those programmes. each and every physique makes use of up a focused volume of RAM and you for that reason are no longer able to have too many programmes running jointly as because it’s going to decelerate your pc. once you have least confusing 1GB of memory and are working Vista then it’d be a great concept to get extra. i’ve got 1GB of memory on my pc and homestead windows Vista takes up approximately eighty% of that just to have my laptop grew to become on so that’s almost no longer feasible to run something with out my pc dramatically slowing down and freezing in any respect circumstances. If i bought yet another 1GB, that’s going to best use 40% of my finished memory and that i might run lots extra jointly as. even in spite of the undeniable fact that does your pc have 3 memory slots, to install 3 diverse memory enjoying cards? maximum superb have 2, wherein case you in all probability extra useful off buying a clean 2GB card if youin case you rather choose 3GB of RAM. additionally, be certain the memory you get is nicely suited with your laptop!

Not necessarily. If your computer is really slow it could affect your connection and the reason your computer might be slow could be becuase of the amount of RAM you have.

It does not, unless your RAM is really bad and it takes a while to run a program than your internet program will run slow. Also viruses may slow it down.

Not directly, but if you have a near full RAM it could slow your internet browser loading time down to a low amount. Best to clean it out as much as possible.

RAM does not efect your internet connections. it can effect the processing speed of the comp.

ram does not increase internet speed
the only factors are:
how busy the server is and your ISP.

it has nothing to do with the internet.


it will effect the speed of your computer but not your internet connection/

I think it helps the computer cope better with things like videos and online 3D games like World of Warcraft.

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