Does anyone else have ALOT of anxiety about giving birth?

I have to be honest….that MOMENT scares the hell out of me. I just have this image in my head of everything being chaotic. I satrt my lamaze classes in January so I am hoping it will calm some of my fears. Did anyone else feel like this? Was it just as frightening as you thought or was it ok?

Being a man, I wouldn’t know from a first person point of view. But I know I’m always anxious before I take a big step in my life, it’s normal, and you’re about to take the biggest step possible, not only that, but hormones are now raging inside your body as well. Thing is, you will be an excellent Mother, and you will find no problem giving birth, I’m sure.

It’s always right before something happens that we start questioning whether it is necessary. This is a normal part about being human.

Good luck!

(To pay me back for my wonderful advice, please, please, name your child “Flash Gordon”)

I have worked in and around delivery rooms and moms and baby’s for a number of years. I have talked with a lot of other nurses and moms.

It is very normal to be scared, especially when you do not know what is going to happen. The Lamaze class should help some, but there will always be fears. Ask questions (even stupid ones) at Lamaze and at the doctor’s. I talked with delivery room nurses who said they had terrible nightmares about the delivery during their pregnacies. Everything was fine at the delivery. So even us “educated ones” have fears.

People like to tell you 2 extremes: “its nothing at all, everything will be fine, you are just being silly” or “it’s the most horrible thing that you can go through, you’ll want to die!”
Real life is somewhere in the middle. Take what both extremes say with a grain of salt.

The vast majority of deliveries have no problems. Remember that. Try to think positively about the baby. Still some fear will be there.

You have the honor of being a mom. You are God’s gift to a new person and that person His gift to you.



I am very nervous and anxious about the big day! I am 35 weeks and honestly the Lamaze classes just scared me more, but in the end I know everything will be fine. Good luck

It isnt really that bad 🙂 You have to change your way of thinking as you wont have a good experience going in there negative and scarred .. I have had 3 kids natural and with my 3rd I really made a big fuss how i didnt want to do it , my mind was so fresh from having 2nd year before and i really had a awful time , she was only 2 hours but I really had my mind in a different place than the others which i breezed through!
Im now 24 weeks with 4th and so much more positive .. just hink the baby has to come out one way or another there is no turning back now , so be strong and positive and make it a happy experience for you .
good luck

This must be your first time…. Everyone is afraid the first time they give birth, but I promise you it won’t be as bad as you think. Yes it will hurt ( you can get pain meds) but it’s not scary. Just keep thinking about how you will feel when you see and hold your baby for the first time. It’s all worth it. The classes I took helped me some because we got to tour the birthing rooms so I knew where I would be when the time came. Take your favorite pillow to the hospital with you when you go into labor…it’s comforting.

I did with my first one. I was very afraid. But know that once things start to happen, you won’t have time to be scared. Too much will be going on, and you will be overwhelmed with excitement. For now try to busy yourself getting ready for the baby. With my second, I practically skipped to the hospital. No anxiety, just excitement. I’m sure the classes will help when you see that other people have the same fears you do.

Good Luck!

It was the first thing to cross my mind once I confirmed my pregnancy. Could I handle the pain? Would I have complications? Would I have to have a C-section? I was SO freaked out. From day one, I knew I wasn’t going to have anything to do with natural childbirth. I wanted the drugs. In the end, I got the epidural and I had a pretty short labor (with both of my pregnancies, actually). It ended up being much less traumatic than I thought it would be. By that 9th month, you are so ready to have that baby that nothing will scare you, to be honest!!

It was OK because there were so many people around me that were helpful and encouraging. The classes will help. Also know that the better physical shape you are in, the easier time you will have. So do those stretches and whatever your doc approves of. I walked a lot and feel that it helped.Good luck, hope you have a healthy baby and a really easy delivery.

HI I’m due in 4 Weeks and I have to have a c section. I am SO nervous. I had one 5 yrs ago but I was all the way under this time I will be awake. I just try not to think about it because we don’t have a choice they have to come out some how and it will just be a memory.

Yeah, I read waaayyyy too many online birth “horror” stories and was really nervous about having an induced labor…then it happened, and I would go so far as to say it was the most beautiful day of my life. Of course, my wedding day might be up there too, but there was just something so intimate and special about a birth, with just hubby there (plus nurses and OBs, of course!). I promise, it’s not that scary – if it was, not as many women would go on to have more than one child!

Good luck!

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