Do you think Herman Cain actually wants to be president or is just running to raise his national profile?

and sell his book?

He has barely spent any time in the primary states. He hasn’t put together the type of organization you need to win an election. He does the debates and interviews but rarely goes out there and meets the voters like all the other candidates do. He doesn’t seem very prepared and had never heard of the term neo-conservative before when he was asked about his foreign policy on Meet the Press.

Do you think he’s serious about running for president? Or is he just another Donald Trump?

Out of 8 answers we have 7 running scared progressives, and one moderate republican.
Cain will win the nomination and when he does. Obama will have to take a backstage
to a true African American. And not some half white con artisit from the South Side of

I think Cain is a Teabagger foot soldier placed in contention to give the Teabaggers “not racist” credentials…. and caught fire by accident.

Won’t it be funny if he actually wins the nomination… leaving the cons with a choice between TWO BLACK GUYS for president?

He thought he would get a job on Fox.
Do you really think the Koch brothers will let a black conservative in the White House.
He is their Billy Ray Valentine.

if he just wanted to raise his national profile, he could have done it in a myriad of ways that didn’t cost so much money. he’s eating into his personal fortune rather deeply to finance this run for Office

cain is just another GOP circus clown that throws digits out

He figured out Palin’s strategy.

The second one.
Ket’s face it – what chances does a black dude have with R voters?

2nd and 3rd reasons…the GOP/Teabaggers would NEVER choose Cain to carry their banner…

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