Can anybody name any famous baseball players that wore number 24, and ones that wore 32?

Any famous managers or players that wore 24, and are there any famous players or managers that wore 32?

24- Willie Mays, Walter Alston, Manny Ramirez, Lou Brock, Tony Perez

32- Roy Halladay, Steve Carlton, Sandy Koufax, Elston Howard, Casy Stengel,Dave Winfield

Thats just from what I can rmember, im sure there were more though


Joe Crede
Manny Ramirez
Willie Mays
Mike Morgan
Jon Knott
Tomokazu Ohka
Jay Payton
Ken Griffey Jr.
Jermaine Dye

Sandy Koufax
Kip Wells
Kazuhito Tadano
Nic Ungs
John Jaha
Jason Kendall

Willie Mays wore 24
Sandy Koufax number 32.

Willie Mays wore 24.
Steve Carlton wore 32.

Willie Mays wore 24

My personal favorite number 24 was Dwight (Dewey) Evans – a truly great defensive and good offensive player and outstanding role model for the Red Sox from the mid-70’s to early 90’s. His batting stance was very unique and became easily the most imitated batting stance by little leaguers during that time.

24 Rickey Henderson Willie Mays Barry before the Giants
Griffey Manny

willie mays 24, and Sandy Koufax 32.

Manny Ramirez (Red Sox) wears 24! He is one of the best hitters of his generation!

dwight evans vito spatafore

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