Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson among others owe the Duke &quot:ex-defendants&quot: an apology, but will it happen?

The charges have been dropped in this case and it seems overwhelmingly obvious that it is for good reason. The question now is will more apologies come? Especially from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson was pretty quick last year in thinking the allegations were true that he even gave the so called victim a scholarship. Al Sharpton is well known to be lightening fast to accuse and assume guilt and get his time in the spot light (even though he usually ends up looking like an ignorant fool). Both of these two pathetic individuals need to go on national tv and issue apologies. They are quick to go on national tv to accuse and cry RACISM and call for the arrest and conviction of white people, yet where are they when they are wrong and rush to judgment?

What a week, huh? This Don Imus thing has made for some interesting, and distracting in my opinion, television and radio for the past week. I’m a sports nut and it’s even infiltrated my precious sports programs and forced me to retreat to the security of my iPod because I, for one, am tired of the whole thing. I was asked if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton had ever made any racist statements. I’m going to answer that question first and then I’m going to leave my opinion on the situation.

Has, you’re probably too young to remember Jesse Jackson’s first presidential campaign in 1984. During an interview, he referred to the Jews of New York as “Hymies” and New York as “Hymie Town.” Eddie Murphy even did a skit about it on Saturday Night Live. Trust me when I say that New York’s Jewish community didn’t find it funny. However, the Jews didn’t call for his removal from the presidential race. If you think about it, they should have. That’s like Bush running for president and letting “Nappy-Headed Ho’s” slip.

As for Sharpton, there is an incident that comes to mind that was racially motivated and significantly worse. Back in ’91 in Crown Heights, New York, a Hasidic Jew was driving, accidentally jumped a curb, and killed a seven-year-old black boy. Immediately, Sharpton got involved and led protests in Crown Heights for four straight nights. The protests consisted of hundreds of bottle-throwing thugs terrorizing what is traditionally a quiet Jewish neighborhood. During his speeches, Sharpton referred to Jews as “diamond merchants” and his followers shouted, “kill the Jews!” At one point during the these nightly riots, a group of fifteen Sharpton followers spotted Yankel Rosenbaum, a rabbinical student from Australia. Yelling “get the Jew,” the mob cornered him, beat him, and stabbed him to death. (Although Sharpton did not urge the protestors to kill Rosenbaum, he was responsible for organizing this volatile protest.)

Now as of this evening, Don Imus has been terminated by CBS, too. He was a white, shock jock who said some pretty inflammatory, crass and idiotic foolishness over the years. He also raised a great deal of money for charity and gave a lot of cash out of his own pocket over the years to help sick kids…particularly with his “Imus Ranch.” The odd part is that if he never works again, Imus will still be a hell of lot a better off than a whole lot of us. However, I’d like to point out a specific piece of irony.

“Nappy headed hoes”…wow. ..for a white hick, that’s a pretty urban choice of words. In other words, he learned those words from somewhere… didn’t he? Sometime last year, I believe we were discussing “Flavor of Love.” I was one of the ones who found the show a travesty and felt that we should move for superior representations of our people in the media. I remember a lot of you stating, in this group and others, that I was taking it too seriously. Well, I ask you all, now…was I?

A lot of you said that there are plenty of examples of crazy white folks out there but let’s take a lesson in quantitative analysis to prove my point. For every black actor on television or in the movies, there are thousands of white counterparts. Blacks have no control over how their images are packaged and distributed. Therefore, it came as no surprise when a friend was telling me this week that a friend of hers, who teaches at an international boarding school in Bali, recently cursed out a South African teacher who was telling other teachers and students that blacks in the U.S. were nothing but thugs, drug dealers and illiterate rapists. This is because these are the only images we gleefully allow to be exported.

I’ll say it here and use this Imus incident to debate with anyone who wishes to…but with so few images avaialable, it is imperative that we be juducious with the images broadcast. Flavor Flav is not alright. New York is not alright. It’s trash! Additionally, since we’ve showed that calling one another out of our names on television, in movies and most importantly in some rap music, why do you think Don Imus thinks it’s okay to call Rutgers ladies baskeball team “nappy headed hoes?” WE…yes…you and I…and those so-called black leaders…keep making excuses for it and keep buying it. Even Dr. Harry Edwards, a man I respect from the Stanford psychology department, tried to make excuses for the rappers. I am weary of black people and their excuses for everything. If it’s bad for Imus to say…it’s bad, period.

So Sharpton got Imus fired. In truth, it was the loss of millions of dollars of sponsor revenue that made it easy. My question to all of you is why is Sharpton, and all the others outraged, stopping here? Let’s clean up 50 Cent and no more Nelly swiping his ATM card down the crack of a woman’s ***! How about it? Would it surprise you to know that neither Jackson nor Sharpton has led a protest against neighborhood drug dealers, poor education in our communities nor the misogynist ramblings and antics of the very rappers with whom they curry favor?

I just feel that the whole thing is pretty hypocritical. I guess an abstract ***** reference beats a defined nappy headed ho any day. However, I’ll say it again, any name you wouldn’t call your mother, wife, sister, daughter or girlfriend is unacceptable. ..NO EXCUSES! However as long as we, as a people, continue to make excuses for our own self-degradation, we’ll continue to experience it from others.

Please do me and the world a favor: Stop beating a dead horse! Let it go! Find something positive to keep your mind occupied. Tomorrow there will be another headline to talk about. I sure hope it’s a good one!

who da hell got time to read all that thesis you put up there?? get a hobby mate you got too much time on your hands

It could happen.
Hopefully that will make you feel better.

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