Why are barry and Congress approvals SINKING further?

barry now at 48/46 against
Congress now at 16% approval

Because they refuse to face the one issue that the US wants to deal with – Jobs and the economy

They have spent millions and a year on something most dont want

I would hope that more would be open minded and drop his approval down farther but they will follow him to the ends of the country literally

It has easily no which skill. the in undemanding words poll it truly is substantial are the elections. in case you would studied polls, you may know that a drop at this aspect is organic. human beings continually have larger expectancies before and after elections and that it wears off by skill of the years. If the monetary gadget is recuperating next fall the Republicans are going to have an somewhat difficult time. it truly is an somewhat difficult time for functional conservatives. The previous look after of the celebration (Gingrich, Giuliani and so on) are damaged products. The up and comers (Palin, Sanford and so on) shop capturing themselves interior the foot. in case you do not toe the line for Limbaugh, Hannity and the NRA your eviscerated. it really is positive in case you favor to win 20% of the voters in everywhere although the deep south and Utah, even though it truly isn’t any longer going to come again Congress or the White homestead. as we communicate the social conservatives are prevailing the battles and dropping the warfare.

Because both Barry 0 and congress have not only ignored the will of the people, trampled upon the Constitution, lined their own pockets, extorted the citizenry, but are causing mass unemployment and the economic melt down, and we have had enough of their elitist corrupt ways in my opinion

That’s actually not a meaningful difference in Obama’s rating. It’s been hovering around that level for about three months.

As for Congress, they’re a bickering bunch of do nothings. Why should it surprise anybody that their ratings are dropping?

Uh, dude, that graph is almost a straight line the whole way across. There is no consistent trend of any kind for the entire 14 months.

They will go back up again once he signs health care

The people are tired of of being told what to do and having crap rammed down their throats.

You have to ask, My wife who voted for Obama is totally disgusted with the man.

Because people are learning just how far left these people are.

America still has a pulse, there’s still hope!

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