What are some ways that the United States can avoid a war with Iran?

Iran seems to have a nuclear program, but according to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, as of April 11, 2010, Iran does NOT actually have a nuclear WEAPONS program.


I’d just say, and it’s our judgment here, they are not nuclear capable, Gates said in an interview. Not yet.

However, neoconservatives like Daniel Pipes, Joe Lieberman, Jane Harman and William Kristol are running around on tv saying that the Obama administration or Israel should mass murder Iranians.

So what are some ways that the United States can avoid a war with Iran?

Another war on borrowed money? Heck no.

The Iranian population is very young, like median age is in their thirties, due to the wars they’ve had. They tend to look up to America. They hate Ahmadinejad, and they’re tired of religious rule. They’re evolving in the direction we want them to. If we attack them, they’ll go the other direction.

Better we should just drop a bunch of American movies and music CDs and jeans on them from planes.

Besides, who would they nuke even if they had nukes, which they don’t? They have no delivery system to nuke us, and they know if they did we’d flatten them. If they nuke Israel, they get all the fallout and die too, plus Israel and us would both nuke them.

So what’s the point?

Lying War Propaganda Against Iran by Ron Paul


I think the US government is taking a “wait and see” approach to Iran… for two reasons.

1) it will be at least another decade before Iran has the ability to produce and deliver an atomic weapon.

2) there is already a civilian uprising occurring in Iran, and Iranian citizens are protesting by the hundreds of thousands for regime change.

It would be a bad idea to intervene at this time, because it looks like Iran already has a civil war building momentum against Almadinajacket and the Ayatollah..

Contrary to popular belief,…MOST Iranians do not hate the US… but if we went to war with them that sentiment would not stay the same.

1) Use the Republican’s favorite excuse, we can’t afford another war.
2) Focus on what a war with Iran would mean in terms of oil prices. It would however solve global warming, when gas goes to $10.00 a gallon, and the economy really collapses.
3) Iran should agree to dismantle their nuclear weapons program when Israel does.
4) Expose the role of American Israeli supporters and their money on politicians like Dick Cheney, and their role in promoting the Iraq occupation, and in encouraging the US to attack Iran. Public pressure effectively stopped the Bush Cheney administration from attacking Iran.
5) Warn Israel that an attack on Iran will mean cutting off US military equipment deliveries to Israel.

Well there are ‘strong sanctions’ as long as they don’t interfere with Russia’s trade with Iran, there’s good faith negtotiations with incentives and of course the diplomatic pressure of neighboring states and finally resolutions passed by that august body the UN. How’s that. Do you think any of them will work. At least three of them have been promised by our incumbent for over a year now. Which do you think stands the best chance of success. You have a good day now

the USA shouldn’t deal with Iran. because of Bush we already have adequate topics that are not 1/2 way solved. Why address something else that we are able to in all likelihood finally end up screwing up? Or might want to I say they because I in comprehend way help the Bush administration or something they have accomplished!

It doesn’t matter if the USA wants to avoid a conflict with Iran; what matters is: does Iran want to avoid conflict with the US or Israel?
I see no good in ignoring the threats of Iran right now, especially since the world ignored Hitler who telegraphed his intentions for over a decade. Chances are, if Iran continues if belligerence, Israel will do what it feels necessary, with or without approval of the USA or UN.

The US should kick back and let Israel take them out.

He said they don’t have WEAPONS yet, not that they didn’t have a program.

He never said they didn’t have a weapons program.

The Iranians just need to do what they are told = no problems.

Covert regime change

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