the dog got into neighbours back yard and ate and destroyed his marijuana plants?

this happened 2 days ago and the dog still seems stoned
at first it was funny but i am starting to get pissed off with him.
i dont smoke and cant relate to it
what will straighten him up

Just feed him and let him sleep it off, unlike alcohol no one has ever died of a pot overdose he’ll be alright. More importantly what are you going to do when your neighbor gets home? I assume their on vacation or something and your dog and you are definately on the sh*t list. In reply to one of the other answears hello… medical marijuana probably get with the times they are allowed to grow it.

Get some chicken wire and a staple gun and staple it to the fence if it is a wood fence! I think they would be responsible for your dogs injuries, but they will deny it and say it was your dogs. Take pictures, turn the hose on them. Sneak up real quite and turn it on full blast. Put another fence in side the fence, a lot of work but if you really love your dogs and want to avoid court, and all that hassle, do it. They have something they use for horse called no climb, or non climb and it is 2 inches by 3 and is not that expensive, and get a few t posts. Sounds like you have to do just that one side. Damn neighbors! People like that give all owners of pets bad names. It is disgusting. Good Luck.

isn’t marijuana illegal? or are you in some other place where it is legal? Marijuana is not even good for humans so who knows what it does to a dog. I would possibly take him to the vet. marijuana isn’t wonderful for humans so it might be worse on dogs. and sorry to ask but how was this funny?

Quite simply…a little time. It hits them pretty much the same way as us. So make sure there’s plenty of water available (no pun intended) and keep an eye on the fridge (total pun intended). The dog will be fine. Your neighbor, however, might be a little heartbroken (beware of men following your dog with baggies!). Till then, let him enjoy himself!

Time will help, of course 2 days should have been plenty..or perhaps a trip to the vets office

I agree with Denise. Time should straighten him out but if his behavior gets worse or concerning you should take him in to see the vet

Smoke whats left.

You should give him a little extra food to get more stuff in his system. When its eaten it stays in your system for awhile.

Your dog ate a bunch of pot and you haven’t taken him to the vet,…….why???

Oh, right, because you’re a troll.

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