Should Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity run for President in 2012?

Would you support a Limbaugh/Hannity ticket?

I know I wouldn t.

I don’t want my gay friends to be stoned…so no, I don’t want to live in a nation ran by ignorant bigots. I would seriously move if they were elected…not joking.

YES! For the presidency of the United Sophist Society.

No, I wouldn’t.

Even if they ran, they would never withstand the public vetting process. Rush is a criminal drug addict, not a drug user like GW Bush and Obama were in their youth, but a hardcore hillbilly heroin junkie, and Hannity was buddies with white supremacist Hal Turner.

Rush said he would have to take a cut in pay. So, No.

Throw Sarah Palin in and you’d have a trifecta of comedians

Wow what A nightmare

Now thats a scary ticket!!!!!!!

And yes they should, then we know for sure Obama will get re-elected!

They know how to talk the talk When it comes to walking the walk they are cripples on hillbilly heroin

oh yes please! i so need a good comedy team on tv.
who would be the sidekick, playing the guy getting the cream pies in the face?
hmmm. perhaps they should alternate!
oh thank you. you made me smile.

Only if they want to further destroy the reputation of the Republican party..

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