Should Democrats punish Hillary for her vote to invade Iraq?

..and not apologize for it?

Look at it from her standpoint. She was a Senator from NY on 9/11. Bush’s approval ratings were in the 80s before the Iraq invasion.

I knew the reasons for invading Iraq were BS. I can forgive Hillary for her poor decision on this issue.

I don’t think punish her is the correct phrase, but I would vote for the person who most reflected my principles and voting for the invasion is not one of them

I honestly think our country needs a person with higher moral values. President Bush has made some unpopular decisions for many reasons that you and I do not have enough information for us to make the same decision.

I think Mrs. Clinton does not have enough experience in foreign affairs. We need a President that can make tough decisions based on the knowledge that is made available. I think Mrs. Clinton would increase our deficit by giving away our tax dollars to programs that the Democrats want to satisfy the voters. Giving money to unnecessary programs.

Bill was a popular President but I do not believe that we need another Clinton in the White House at this time when our nation is facing so many external problems!

Hitlery develop into in no way my candidate. neither is RON PAUL! i like this united states of america and be attentive to that hassle are incorrect for our destiny. I doubt that a liberal electorate might evaluate Paul. You men might desire to experience desperate for votes to signify something like that. And no, we are no longer frightened of Ron Paul. this is impossible for him to get adequate votes to get the nomination, THANK GOODNESS! anybody that asserts Ron Paul is a appropriate tier candidate is observing emotion, is dreaming or in simple terms no longer observing information! How can a candidate that has some million% of the vote on valid polls be seen appropriate tier? answer – they might”T!!!!!!! the only polls that Paul come out looking stable are the two biased, textual content cloth-message form, internet pushed or from straw polls. NONE are valid impartial polls! Sorry to burst your bubble yet Paul is so a techniques down that there is not any longer plenty decrease than him. I rather doubt that he gets even one delegate on the convention. he will in no way have adequate help to win ANY state. those ARE information, no longer EMOTION! EDIT: hi Jessica, Hitlery Rotten Clinton is has in no way been a average! do no longer insult our intelligence.

That is very noble of you. Perhaps though you should look into extending your forgiveness to the Republicans, including President Bush as well. They were all working off the same information. It amazes me how democrats are so forgiving of these Congressman/Congresswomen but want to bash Bush for making the same conclusion they did. You can’t have it both ways. If you want to Bush bash, you must Hillary bash as well.

Yes, they should. Why? Because it was a classic example of Hillary’s pandering.

Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. We made a snap decision to go to war based on shakey intel when we already had something else going on. If Hillary can’t protect her constituents from emotional decisions, she should not be president.

from what I see of ‘W,’ regardless of who was with him or against him, he would have invaded anyway.

Bush is the quintessential renegade; he does what he wants when he wants and damn the consequences.

If by now the average American cant tell that this is a war for profit, then God help em…

No, why should someone be punished falling for all the lies everyone else fell for. He slipped it by her while she was focused on the problems in her own state, or are you forgetting all the crap she was dealing with in NYC?

They wouldn’t dare. Hillary is senior to God. There is no one who would dare chastize Hillary, or her archangels, Pelosi and Reid

should republicans castrate bush for screwing up any hope in the next election?

thats fair and balanced, do you like it?

Considering how many other Dems went along with this, no.

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