Parents how you do grocery shopping..?

I am pregnant and have two children. I need some idea’s want to eat during the day. Breakfast lunch and supper and snack that would be good to eat during pregnancy. Also how do you do your grocery shopping. Do you do weekly just get enough for a week or different. Also do you do meal planning before you go shopping. I need some idea’s. I am trying to change things around here. Right now I don’t know want to fix for supper or lunch. Thanks..

First of all, congratulations on your baby!

On the food part of it … plan your meals for a week. I totally relied on Taste of Home recipes and — without a doubt — my CROCK-POT. It’s the easiest thing in the world to use and there are all kinds of good recipes online if you don’t have a cookbook.

Keep it simple but healthy for dinner so it isn’t too hard to make. I’d make simple things with a main dish that your family can eat for two nights: Meat loaf with baked potatoes; salads with fresh veggies; baked chicken and fruit salad; things like that. Eat whole grains, too: brown rice, whole-grain English muffins and cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Breakfast: I usually had cereal and juice or an egg and toast.
Lunch: A sandwich on whole-grain bread with deli meat and tomato/lettuce, fruit, yogurt and milk. I also ate a lot of homemade soup.
Basic dinners: Chicken and rice, lasagna and sourdough bread, pork chops and vegetables. Things like that.

What I snacked on during the day: carrots and celery with ranch dip, Laughing Cow cheese and crackers, nuts, South Beach Diet peanut butter bars (or granola), any fresh fruit, yogurt. (Hershey’s Kisses, too!)

Cooking bigger quantities also helped me when I was pregnant. I’d make a double recipe of a casserole and then freeze the second casserole. On the shopping part, I enlisted my husband to grocery shop for me in the later months. But if you have to do it, do it without kids!

Another idea is those “dinner station” meal-assembly places, where you can make a lot of dinners in one evening to eat throughout a week or two. I have friends who swore by those places!

Best of luck to you and baby.

We do our shopping once a week. It saves on money, gas, and less food gets wasted that way. We spend 450 a month. But our store does offer a double cupon savings where they match any cupon you have.

Snack’s for us:
String cheese,
homemade beef jerky(yummy),
fruit chips(dehydrated at home)
Jello (the kind you make yourself & sugar free)

Salads(I am addicted to salads I swear I am)
Sandwhiches(wheat bread, deli meat/cheese..not pre packaged)
Taco’s (90%lean ground turkey)
Oriental dishes(lighter ones though for lunch)
Fruit Salad
Veggie/meat/cheese/cracker “platter” (done at home, not bought)

B’Goki(favorite food on Earth!!!) It’s Korean B-B-Q over white rice.
Pastas w/ homemade sauce
Baked chicken(you can make this like 1000 diff. ways)
Hamburgers (90% lean ground turkey, with cheese, peppers, spices, in the meat)
Stuffed chicken (baked with chedar and cilantro in the split breast)
Fish!!! Salmon, and Trout are our faves. (on the grill, with butter and spices)
Twice baked stuffed potatoes (go well with almost anything you cook)
Gumbo(we love this in the winter, we buy the Zatarans mix, and then get smoked sausage, and carots, corn, peppers, potatoes and let it cook lol way yummy!)

Best bet would be to get a recipe book, or check recipes online, and start doing ones that you like. G’luck

I do my shopping every 2 weeks…… I love looking for different recipies you should go onto and they alot of different recipies and you probaly already have the ingredents for them!!!! Check it out and tell me what you think! Also always print out cupons from your computer it really does save some money!

i ordered my groceries online while i was pregnant – easier to say no to impulse buying and easier to plan your meals.

you will eat a lot when you are pregnant so your mouth will tell you what to eat

i just get a knife and run into the woods…

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