Lakers vs Blazers: Who is more likely to win on the other one s homecourt?

Lakers have lost 8 straight at Portland

Portland is 1-10 in their last 11 trips to Staples Center

Lakers road record: 29-12
Portland road record: 20-21

I don’t get why some people are so hyped up and believing Lakers are doomed if they meet Portland in the playoff, judging by the records it seems the Lakers are more likely to win at Portland than Portland at L.A, not to mention the Lakers don’t even have to win on the road against any Western team. Also last season Utah seemed unbeatable at home and they swept us on their homecourt, but we still closed the series in Utah anyways.

BQ: Other than our favorite team, what first round matchup are you most looking forward to (assuming all team stay in their position.)??

BQ#2: Which conference is a tougher road to the Finals??

BQ#3: Cavs in ’09 is super duper awesome because ___________???

I dont think the Lakers are doomed at all if they play Portland but it will be a really tough matchup. I think if they meet in the playoffs it will be a 7 game series where each team wins there homes games similar to the Cavs-Celtics,and Hawks-Celtics series’s last year. This series also may remind some of the Utah-LA series as you mentioned last year. I think that it will be alot tougher to beat Portland than last years Utah team though. I just think the Lakers will have their hands full if they play Portland but they are still the favorites to win. Its hard to see who can win on the other teams homecourt. I predicted a Blazers upset of the Lakers in the preseason and Im waiting to see if it will turn true. The Lakers look pretty good going into the postseason they just need to play defense. If the Lakers have a home game where they dont play defense and end up losing like they did at Sacramento,and against Philly this year than they’ll be in a little bit of trouble. The pressure is on Portland to win their home games though but if the Lakers lose one than they might find themselves sweating.

BQ: My favorite team is the Bulls and we’re likely to play the Magic so Ill be looking foward to that

Other than that Im looking foward to seeing the Heat play the Hawks. Dwayne Wade is playing the best BBall of his career and its going to be interesting to see if he can lead his young team into the next round of the playoffs or deep into the playoffs. Joe Johnson is a underrated Superstar at SG. This game is filled with future talent as young stars like Mario Chalmers,Josh Smith,Michael Beasley,and Al Horford will be involved. The Hawks proved they are playoff tough and very hard to beat as they took the Celtics to 7 games last year and almost everybody thought it would be a 7 game sweep. The Heat-Hawks series is just exciting and a treat for basketball fans everywhere.

BQ2: Eastern Conference in my opinion. The Top 3 in the East are tougher to beat than the Top 3 in the West. Teams would rather play the Lakers,Nuggets,and Rockets than Cavaliers,Magic,and Celtics on the road. The Nuggets look like a good sleeper and pleasant surprise but dont give you as much fear as the Celtics would.

BQ3: the Cavaliers are super awesome this year because David Stern allowed Lebron James to crab dribble so he can get points by taking 5 steps without dribbling.

Double Bonus- The Magic or Celtics will be really hard and I think we will likely play Orlando but I still feel good about the Bulls. The Magic arent playing their best right now and we’re on a 5 game winning streak which is good to get hot going into the postseason. Without Luol Deng it will be harder to win a playoff series but Rose and Salmons are really carrying the load. I feel good about the way this young team has played this year especially after looking bad early

I think the Lakers are more likely to win on the road because they are just the better team. The Blazers are a very young team, and while they have an absolute star (B-Roy), it’s hard for a young team to win on the road in the playoffs, especially against a deep talented team like the Lakers. And believe me, the Lakers are going to win on the road, not like the Celtics of last year.

BQ: Well my favourite team is the Detroit Pistons, so i’m looking forward to the Pistons-Cavs matchup. Also, I’m very interested in the Lakers-Jazz matchup, that will be fun.

BQ #2: Well there’s two different ways to look at it. In the West, if you’re not the Lakers, it’s incredibly tough, as every team is a conference finals candidate. But for the Lakers, it should be a relatively easy road to the Finals. In the East, the only teams that can make the conference finals in my opinions are the Cavs, Celtics, Magic and Pistons (they’re my team, what did you expect me to say?). And for those teams, it will be harder to get to the finals, as they have to go through 2 elite Eastern conference teams to make the Finals.

BQ #3: Cavs in ’09 is super duper awesome because of LeBron James, an improved offense from Mike Brown, and their homecourt dominance (39-1, looking to tie the Celtic’s record)

Double Bonus: My team (the Pistons) don’t look too good entering the playoffs, but this season they have played well against Cleveland, Boston and Orlando. And they are the only team that is capable of a first-round upset in my opinion. GO PISTONS!

Well, if they meet, the series will go to 7 games in my opinion. The Lakers just can’t win on the Blazers home court. I’ve seen their play there and for some reason, it’s not really great. You are right about the Utah thing though. The Lakers definitely take the series due to home court, their leadership of Kobe, and the Blazers still very youthful, inexperienced team. It will be a different story 2-3 years from now though.

BQ: Looking forward to Heat vs. Hawks baby!!! D-Wade vs. Joe Johnson. omg cant wait….

BQ2: Definitely West, because I believe every team in the West can win a championship (discluding Mavericks)

BQ3: Lebron James’ amazing defense step-up this year, and Mo Williams leadership, and adding another dimension to this Cleveland offense which struggled when Lebron couldn’t hit a shot last year

*Starred :)*

Double bonus: Well, my Warriors didn’t make it….:( . But im rooting for Cavs since Lebron is one of my favorites. Chyeaah!

its hard to say in the postseason lakers in regular i would say portland portland seems like they just want to make it to the playoffs lakers want the ring but i still love both teams

bq:my heat vs hawks i guess i cant pick that though i would say san antonio and portland but really any of the western conference 1st round im psyched for

bq2:definitly west if your talking about 7 of the teams cavs basketball right now is not championship basketball celtics got lucky there old they havent played together that much this year orlando doesnt have championsip style either shooting is inconsistent lakers have a sg and a big man

mj pippen
wade shaq
kobe shaq
parker duncan-ginobili
rondo kg

bq:there not

db:ok if wade keeps hitting 3s like last night lol

That’s the irony of this whole situation, people like to forget that Portland can’t play well at our court. I’m confident that the Lakers can take the Blazers in the playoffs. This past game wasn’t nearly as bad as the “incident” game where we were blown out. Utah v/s Lakers is an excellent example of the Lakers overcoming and beating teams with home court “dominance”, if we can take them we can take Portland.

We have the Blazers number and I would love to play them in the playoffs.

BQ: Atlanta v/s Miami
BQ2: West
BQ3: she supports her team no matter what.
DB: overconfident.

no corey you dont think the lakers will lose in the finals, your just hoping and wanting that. your one of the biggest haters on here.

as for the braniacs who are the blazers fans, they dont realize if the series goes to 7 with the lakers, that game 7 is played in……drum roll….staples. because the lakers had an ok record and have homecoourt throught the west. meaning they must be a good team, so i think they can win a game in portland

lakers,maybe they can win just 1 or 2 games in the rose garden,and then dominate in staples,i feel that they will win

BQ1:Atlanta Vs Miami

BQ2:West Conference,the east has 2 teams that seem like losing teams,all the teams in the west look like a winning team

BQ3:Cavs in ’09 is super duper awesome because i said so

Bonus:worried,we werent able to claim finals homecourt

is cavs a girl??? lol i though she was a boy

Tought to say but in the playoffs everything is possible but i’ll go with the Blazers but i know it’s very hard but the Lakers would win in 7 games

BQ:Blazers vs Spurs-I just love to watch the beast Greg Oden!!!!
BQ#2:Eastern-More defense and more team basketball.”Defense wins championships”
BQ#3:LeBron and Brown sent it to the highest team levels in their history
BQ#4:I’m feeling good

Lakers will win if they meet Blazers in the playoffs. It’s stupid, even if we don’t beat them in their home court, they can’t beat us in our home court and we got home court advantage.

BQ: Lakers vs Jazz
Cavs vs Pistons
Heat vs Hawks

BQ 2: Well for every west team that’s not the Lakers… It’s the west.
But I’d say its the east since it’s pretty unpredictable between Celtics and Cavs and maybe the Magic.

Lakers on the Blazers’ home court.

I starred because I think the Lakers will lose in the NBA Finals. You’re welcome.

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