im a 13 year old boy who wears panties, but im afraid to wear the panties to school what should i do?thnx?

i go to middle school and the panties are lycra, im afraid to wear them to school because they might be seen when i bend over or do sports.
Please help thank you

Why not do what you really want…wear a dress.


Try briefs. They’re kinda similar I guess. If you really want to wear panties then wear boxers on top if you’re concerned about others seeing them.

lol dude if you’re worried that people are seeing you in panties. then don’t wear them to school or.. at all. But whatever floats your boat man.

well u could wear boxers to school, and panties at home, or wear boxers over ur panties to school, lastly u can just be a man and wear panties to school and if people find out dont worry. f**k em. they dont know wat they’re missing.

if you wanna wear girl undies, good for you!
wear brief panties. they look like super-short boxers, or at least some do

wear briefs
or make sure no one sees them, like wear a belt so ur pants dont fall down

wear boxers and wear panties at home.

Then start wearing boxers

who cares if they see it they r missing out on a great thing u go glen coco

Then don’t wear them to school!!!

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