How many &quot:isms&quot: and &quot:ists&quot: are you willing to combine before you just stop using labels?

A group of Universal Unitarian polytheistic deists conversed yesterday with Atheistic Eastern Buddhist pandiests who were fresh from a meeting of Abrahamic polyglot Christian capitalist environmentalists. The Pagan archetypalist revivalists were present, but silent.

At what point do we realize that no Label, even simply Christian or Atheist or Muslim can wholly describe a person’s life experience or ideology? What two Christians have the same concept of their personal relationship with God? What two Muslims worship Allah and feel towards society exactly the same in all things?

Isn’t our desire to divide things into neat categories that no person can fit into the source of our very real division in the real world?

And just for fun, whose got the most isms and ists in their description of themselves.

I’m not sure about all these “ists” and “isms”….that is just not allowed in the State Religion from my planet…The Church of the Sacred Scallop…

I have a very unique position on this situation. My great grand parents immigrated from what is now South Africa to America in 1872. My father married a lady from what is now St. Thomas V.I. in 1931. (I have documents to prove these dates) I was born on Dec. 9, 1938 in the piney woods section of East Texas. Giving you a little of my personal history, I feel is necessary for you to understand that I am an American of African descent, not an African-American, and yes, I am caucasian.

Three is the maximum for me. Any more than that and I figure I’m just better off explaining what I believe instead of just labeling it.

In general I try to avoid labels. In some cases, however, the labels fit me well enough to adopt them. (e.g. atheist, structural realist, confirmational holist… I don’t know of too many others.)

And I’m a Jacobite too, because I believe that we must have faith in Jacob to understand the island…

I’ve never been one to shy away from labels. Of course they’re not able to completely define an individual, but they help to describe certain aspects. Language itself is always a flawed form of communication to some extent, but in mediums such as this it’s all we have.

And it’s funny that you put this up right after I add one of these labels to my name, but it’s an “ite” as opposed to an “ism” of “ist.”

I think that these labels form an important role in ones identity but by no means do they describe your identity as a whole.
As a christian myself I often differ from others in many ways but as true believers we all believe in the same God.
This makes us a complete body, each with his own purpose.
Kinda like your arms and legs do their own thing in their own way.

We live in a world of labels.

Do you propose they stop calling people who study life “biologists” and call them people who study life for a living. How about archaeologists? “People who study really, really, old stuff for a living”. Taxidermist; chemist, pathologist.

Labelling is what we do, for better or worse. Yes it CAN be divisive, in the WRONG context but it doesn’t have to be.

I think labels are convenient but not always 100% accurate. And in some cases, it does get a little excessive. I use the term “atheist” because if I don’t, people assume I believe in God. I prefer to be clear about that.

dividing things into groups and labeling them is what humans do, its just practicallity. like if i tell you i stepped on a duck as opposed to just saying i stepped on an animal (a horse?). i think youre right though. its important to realize that a label can never be exact.

(why i might step on a duck is another story)

I’m a blondist, liberalist, vegetarianist, yogist, blue eyedist, atheist, heterosexualist, who is pro-choicist, supportist of the homosexualists rights, and proud supporter of the soy beanist movement and the underground rebellion of sci-fiism.

congratulations and welcome to the anti-ismists congregation. halleluea, akbar allah, om padda om, and amen to ya.

If you’ve just reached this conclusion (labels, neat categories, division) then you have achieved level 2 in human awareness 101. Please press star to continue your journey.

Remember water is comfortable in low places and high places.


no fun in propogatin hate. Aint gonna jump on the labelin wagon. Aint gonna go there. whats that? Mom? oh yeah, sorry. I forgot. mother nature says we got bigger problems than labeling humans. She says get yoour **** to working on her issues.

shes the boss ya know.

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