gogo dancer audition- would twins help or hurt?

My friend and I are going to audition for a gogo dancer job. We are auditioning as a set pair (must be taken as a set that is IF we make it). USUALLY we hit up clubs (not as dancers just reg patrons)dressed as twins. We are the same height and weight and we wear very similar clothes and identical wigs and this has served to gain attention. For the audition I thought we may want to cover all aspects and NOT dress as twins. I had planned for one of us to go as a sweet blonde the other a sassy brunette- my goal was to try to appeal to the most diverse croud. (some ppl like blondes others brunettes, some like sweet n innocent some like bad girls). I am second guessing this decision. For an audition would it be better for us to dress as twins (as that is pretty hot) or would this not help us as the club would feel they have to pay two people for just one look?
In short- for our best shot at an audition: dress as twins or go individual yet similar in theme?

Is this a question for the head of the RNC, or can anyone of us answer it? If just anybody can answer it, then let me ask you this question. Do you think the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders would have the same or a more powerful impact if they were all dressed differently? Or do you think that their all being dressed in identically provocative uniforms accounts for much of their mystique and appeal?

If you and your friend do get the gig, is there any chance you might post the audition on the RNC website? It would be strictly for academic purposes.

Good luck and thanks, I hope. (In my opinion platinum blonde is always classy with skimpy animal prints.)

go-go dancers have been initially Sixties-era miniskirted clubgoers, dancing at golf equipment such because of the fact the Whisky a go go (between the 1st to have dancers in greater cages), donning go-go boots. An occasion is Goldie Hawn’s character on the person-friendly Rowan & Martin’s snort-In television instruct. Actor/singer/dancer Timmy Everett (1939-1977), famed for a unmarried movie and degree place (Tommy contained in the music guy), tried a occupation comeback in 1967 with the aid of advertising himself because of the fact the 1st “go-go boy.” The etymology of go-go must be the noun go, certainly one of whose meanings is “potential of going, potential, energy”. Or it ought to come from the names of the nightclubs, which finally come from the French Г  gogo, meaning “in abundance, galore


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