For those anti gay marriage, what sex should a natural hermaphrodite be able to marry?

God’s intention of the genders is that those born males act like males and those born females act like females. But, in rare instances there are babies born with the sexual organs of both sexes. Why is this? First of all, sin is in the world and it sometimes takes its tolls on our bodies resulting in various deformities. Nevertheless, in the case of hermaphroditism, the identity of the individual is still intended by God to be one or the other. After all, God would not make someone in contradiction to His created order and purpose. This means the hermaphrodite, thought physically ambiguous, does possess an identity of one or the other. It would seem best, then, to let the hermaphrodite grow and decide with which gender to side since he/she would know his/her own identity internally. If surgery is elected to make the decision permanent by altering the body to represent one or the other gender, then that seems like a reasonable choice to make.

Second, it appears that most, if not all, hermaphrodites have a definite side they take as they develop since there is an internal genetic (XX, XY) dominance even though there is an external ambiguity. It is the internal genetic dominance that determines male and female — even though sometimes mutations occur that leave both sexual organs. In some cases, there are hermaphrodites who are distinctly male in appearance yet have female sexual organs. There are also those who appear decidedly feminine in physical appearance yet possess male sexual organs. Either way, the genetic dominance is the gender and the person will manifest that dominance as he or she matures.

Another hermaphrodite I’m guessing. Or maybe Christians will say they need to take one for the team and be chaste like the homosexuals.

Hi there, little camelid friend! Never mind me, I’m trying to figure out the best way to phrase the follow up Q this one and one of the answers is inspiring in our little brains over here. I am sincerely interested so don’t want to come off in my normal flippant, irreverant manner.


This could take a while….


Why don’t they just pick one and say they are whatever gender they want. I don’t recall that they make you drop your pants and check your privates to see what gender you are. I also don’t recall a check box for hermaphrodite on any government forms that would keep you from being whichever gender you choose.

I love this question, and I believe I’ve asked a variation of it before. But I think that most of them prefer to be called “intersexed”. I might be wrong, though.

the opposite sex of what they are inside

like people with the XXY chromosomes? medically, they’re considered males, so they should go with females, i guess

they’re also sterile, so they might just be called to be in a monastery/nunnery/hecks, i dunno.

Satan made them of course

They should marry them self and then go —– themself.

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